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Tourism in Singapore

The Republic of Singapore has a strong and vibrant tourism sector, which is visited by millions of visitors, and tourists from all over the world every year, because of the important attractions that it contains, including: parks, islands, resorts, and ancient historical monuments. Statistics for the year 2003 AD indicate that hotel reservations in Singapore hotels totaled 35,930 hotel rooms; that is, an estimated 76% of the total capacity, and the number of visitors to the country in the same year amounted to about 6.1 million visitors and tourists.

The most important tourist attractions in Singapore

The Republic of Singapore abounds in many attractions, magnificent and attractive tourist places, and the following are mentioned for the most important:

Art Science Museum

The Art Science Museum is considered one of the most important museums in Singapore. It includes many artistic and scientific works that together constitute a wonderful mix between art and science, where there is an interactive set with an advanced technology of digital installations.

National Gallery of Singapore

The National Gallery Singapore includes many modern artworks that belong to famous and novice artists, including: the sculpture garden and works of Chinese ink painting.

Singapore Botanic Gardens

One of the oldest parks in the country is Singapore Botanic Gardens. It was opened in 1859 and contains a large number of plants and animals, such as lizards. It also includes a leading research center.

McCreechy Reservoir

MacRitchie Reservoir is one of the stunning water bodies in Singapore, where visitors and tourists can roam the surface of the flat, and enjoy the wonderful atmosphere, stunning scenery of the water, and the surrounding trees.

Papa’s house

Baba House is considered one of the most beautiful heritage houses in Singapore, as it is characterized by its traditional architectural design, knowing that its construction dates back to the nineties of the nineteenth century AD.


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