In this article I will provide you with the most recent information about Ski Dubai in terms of when it was established and its entry fees and some other information about it on the Arab Travelers website.

About Ski Dubai:

. It is the largest indoor snow park in the world.
. Ski Dubai, the third in the world, has been ranked in terms of the ski slope.
. Snow Park is located in Mall of the Emirates, which made the mall a favorite and wonderful tourist destination, where everyone who comes to Dubai goes to the Snow Park or Ski Dubai and the Mall.
. In the Emirates you can find everything you love, where they were able to work the snowy garden with the scientific miracle and technology despite the hot climate of the Emirates.
. And whoever goes to Ski Dubai information overlaps his mind and begins to feel and make sure that he is in Siberia or that he is in the Arctic, even though he is in the United Arab Emirates.
. Snow Park is the first indoor ski resort in the Middle East.
. There are separate locker rooms, where there is a room for men and another room for women.
. You can buy drinks and food in one of the restaurants or cafes in Ski Dubai.
. You can also shop at Mall of the Emirates and spend more time enjoying skiing after completing skiing at Ski Dubai.
. There are many things you can enjoy in the snowy park, including booster ride, exciting mountain, snow fun, giant ball, and glove vouchers.

Create a Ski Dubai:

. Ski Dubai was opened in the year 2005 AD.
. Ski Dubai continued to flourish until the number of visitors a few years after its opening reached more than two million visitors per year.
. Because of these global indicators have already proven that it is a garden of great and high financial return for the UAE and it is wonderful.
. She also managed to receive the World Cup in Skateboarding.
. Ski Dubai has an area of ​​about 22,500 square meters covered with real snow. This area may be three football fields.

Ski Dubai tickets prices:

The price of a Dubai Ski ticket is not the high price you imagine when you read or heard about it, but the price is affordable for everyone. If you want to enjoy your time in a sophisticated place but not very expensive, it is Ski Dubai, and the prices are as follows: –

1- Ticket price for adults: –

  • Ski Dubai ticket for adults is only 150 dirhams.
  • Reservation of the ski slope ticket internally 2 hours for adults 180 dirhams.
  • Spend a full day on a ski slope for adults 300 dirhams.
  • Unlimited entry for Ski Dubai today for 179 AED.

2- The price of tickets for children: –

  • Ski Dubai ticket for kids: 95 dirhams.
  • Reservation of the ski slope ticket internally 2 hours for children 150 dirhams.
  • Spend a full day on the kids’ ski slope 240 AED.

Things include Ski Dubai tickets:

When you book a ticket and enter Dubai Ski, you get things on loan and after playing and when you go, you deliver these things, and these things are: –

  • Jacket .
  • Pants .
  • Helmets for children.
  • Helmets for adults.
  • Snow shoes.
  • Socks for one-time use.

. All previous things are borrowed, as you have to do them again after finishing skiing.

For inquiries and Ski Dubai reservations:

. Many different nationalities come to Ski Dubai for fun, even those who have snow in their home country can find them at Ski Dubai.
. All you have to do when you want to make reservations at Ski Dubai, go to Mall of the Emirates or call their number.

Ski Dubai address:

  • Sheikh Zayed Road Mall of the Emirates Dubai.

Ski Dubai phone number:

For reservations and inquiries, call the following number: –

  • Phone +971800386

Ski Dubai working hours:

  • Snow Park or Ski Dubai is open every day of the week, without holidays.
  • From 9:00 am until midnight.

Video information about Ski Dubai:

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