Snake Island in Brazil

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Snake Island

Isla de Kimada Grande, or as it is known that it is the island of snakes or snake island, is one of the islands located 32 km from the coasts of the city of San Paulo, and this island is one of the unique and distinctive places around the world, it is the most important and most dangerous natural area globally, as it is prohibited It is visited by the public and tourists, and only scientists and experts are allowed to enter it after obtaining an official permit to do so.

This island is devoid of human population, but it is full of snakes and snakes, and these reptiles are known to be among the most dangerous species that exist in the world, as they are among the rarest and most toxic species, and the population density on the island is estimated by a snake or snake in every square meter of the island, and on Although the island is free of people, there are some hunters and adventurers who may go to this island with the intention of hunting one of the rare types of snakes or snakes and then selling and trading in them through the black markets, and the most famous species targeted by the hunters is the golden snake, so this snake One of the rarest species, as it is not found in other places in the world, and its price can reach about thirty thousand dollars approximately, on the black market, of course.

Food for island snakes

Snakes and snakes in this island feed on migratory birds, as these birds cross on the island to take a rest before continuing to migrate, but unfortunately the island snakes kill them. Snakes have complete control over the place, and there are many stories and legends that are told about this place whose existence is still a mysterious and terrifying mystery.

Dangerous island snakes

The area of ​​this island is estimated at about 430 sq.m., and the island is known for its charming natural beauty. It is also distinguished as the habitat of the golden snake, and it is one of the unique types of snakes, because this snake cannot live elsewhere except for the island, and the island has many different and rare types of poisonous snakes, Even these snakes have the ability to kill a person in a moment, and their poison is capable of dissolving human flesh as soon as it is touched, although many scientific researches have been done to find out why these snakes are so dangerous and toxic, but there is no scientific answer yet.

The birth of the island

An ancient study was published in which he stated that about 11 thousand years ago the sea level rose in this region until this island was separated from the rest of Brazil, so the snakes remained with few sources and food resources on the island of Ella de Kimada Grande, and there remained on this island many Among the species of birds that became food for snakes, as this study indicated that the poison of snakes and snakes needed a period to kill the prey, because of the presence of the bodies of some birds in distant places and they are poisoned, but the snakes have developed from the strength of their name to kill the prey immediately.

This island contains many varieties of plants, as it has rainforests, the island of Pala de Quemada Grande, whose name means “removal and burning”, as a result of the fact that the people of the country tried to get rid of snakes by burning the island, but all attempts were unsuccessful and still Snakes Island is still present, The Brazilian government also built a beacon to warn ships against approaching the island.


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