The authentic Turkish cuisine mixed with the Arab cuisine to generate the Istanbul dining restaurant, which is one of the best popular restaurants in Istanbul, which is located in the Fatih area, where it features an upscale atmosphere with a musical band, which made it one of the best distinctive restaurants in Istanbul, thanks to its wonderful location and proximity to many tourist attractions in Istanbul

The restaurant offers a variety of Turkish cuisine under the supervision of the most skilled chef. The restaurant is characterized by the selection of meat and vegetables very carefully, and its interest in the barbecue corner, as well as provides seating places with a wonderful view.

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Sofra Istanbul Restaurant

Food is famous for serving the Istanbul dining restaurant

The Sultan’s dining menu is famous for all kinds of Turkish cuisine and Ottoman Anatolian cuisine of various types, in addition to the famous Western meals as well as levantine appetizers, various eastern and western salads and grills of all kinds, all these delicious foods are accompanied by eastern takht, law tones and various offers of melo and Egyptian skirt.

Sofra Istanbul Restaurant

Sufra restaurant menu in Istanbul

The restaurant menu varies, as it provides a large menu, among which we mention the following:

The restaurant menu starts with the main Arabic, Turkish, and Western dishes such as crunchy chicken, fish, meat, and different sandwiches, with which you can choose a side dish such as dazzling rice or bulgur.

The list also contains many salads and appetizers, of various types, and a variety of refreshments, cold and hot drinks.

It can be concluded with a dish of Turkish and oriental sweets, with a cup of Turkish tea or a cold drink.

You can book and inquire about prices by visiting the restaurant’s official website from here.

Sofra Istanbul Restaurant

Opening hours at Sufra restaurant in Istanbul

Everyday from 8:00 in the morning until 2:00 in the morning.

Sufra Istanbul Reviews

Sufrat Al Sultan Restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Istanbul, which has received somewhat excellent reviews, especially in providing Syrian meals and distinguished service, as well as its prices are acceptable to all groups and staff with face blurring.

Sofra Istanbul Restaurant

Attractions near Istanbul’s Sofra Restaurant

Sufra Istanbul restaurant is surrounded by many important tourist attractions, among which is the Historia Mall Istanbul which is 450 meters away, and King Istanbul Restaurant which is 350 meters from it.

Sofra Istanbul Restaurant

Istanbul Hotels near Sofra Restaurant

Dosso Dossi Downtown Hotel is one of the best Fatih Istanbul hotels, 260 meters from Safarah Restaurant.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

Dosso Dossi Downtown hotel has received great reviews for facilities, location, free Wi-Fi, staff, cleanliness, comfort, and value for money.

Hotel reservation

Topkapi Istanbul Hotel is one of the best 3-star Istanbul hotels, 450 meters from Safarah Istanbul Restaurant.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The hotel is rated good in terms of staff, location, free WiFi, and value for money.

Sufra Istanbul restaurant location on Google Maps

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