In the video, a guide to the most beautiful places of tourism and entertainment in South Africa, the country of South Africa is distinguished by its enormous numbers of places and tourist attractions that are admired by tourists, as well as it combines the splendor, beauty, mild weather and scenic landscapes, so we find in South Africa a lot of parks and beaches, which made them It deserves the title of the Bride of Africa, and it is also called the Paradise of the Black Continent, due to the excellent gardens it contains, especially the Kruger National Park.
It also contains large numbers of attractive tourist places such as Alfred, Waterfront and Victoria, and these places witness tremendous congestion, where many tourists are willing to visit them. Delicious, it is possible to wander around the various markets and stores, as well as to tour the art galleries that suit art-loving tourists.

Reasons for choosing South Africa as a tourist destination:

  • South Africa is one of the most modern African countries, in terms of its infrastructure and modern facilities, as London, Durban, Cape Town, Knysna and Johannesburg, in addition to many other cities that are characterized by an integrated system of services and entertainment.
  • It blends landscapes and wildlife and has a unique blend of culture, although South Africa is an African country with a huge number of attractions, its vibrant culture and the splendor of wildlife in it, all this has made South Africa a special place with privacy.
  • The blending of African culture and modern development is evident in its tourist attractions and wild wildlife, which is difficult to have an analogous to any other country in the world.
  • The language is not a hindrance, as everyone there speaks English.
  • South Africa’s unique biological diversity, in this country there are 6% of reptiles and mammals and there are 10% of fish, birds and rare natural plants in the world, there is only in the kingdom of flowers about 9600 different plant species 70% of these plants do not grow Except in South Africa only.
  • South Africa is a multicultural society as it is a unique mixture of African, European and Asian groups, where it is known as the rainbow nation, in the streets of this country there are all traditions and customs inherited from other countries, but in the rural areas of South Africa you can experience the nature of African culture for what it is , As the inhabitants of these areas still inhabit the huts and still maintain the old traditional lifestyle, everyone in South Africa accepts the other and has an optimistic view of the future.

Pre-travel to South Africa:

  • South Africa is located in the south of the African continent, where it is bordered on the north by the states of Botswana and Zimbabwe and bordered by Mozambique on the northeastern side, while it is bordered on the northwest by the state of Namibia, and bordered by mil from the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean to the south.
  • There are three capitals in South Africa, Cape Town is its legislative capital, Bloomington is a judicial capital, and Pretoria is a public capital, and Johannesburg is the largest city in South Africa.
  • Traveling to South Africa requires obtaining a visa through the embassy or its official representative.
  • It is known that tourism in South Africa is expensive, in terms of transportation and airline tickets prices, and is reasonable in the event that accommodation and restaurants are available at reasonable prices.
  • The country’s official currency is the rand, while the official language is English, along with ten local languages ​​such as Africans and Zulu.
  • One of the best times to travel to it is in the period between October and March, and it is sufficient to visit it for a period of two weeks.

The most important tourist attractions in Cape Town, the most beautiful cities in South Africa:

Cape Town is classified as one of the most beautiful cities in South Africa, due to its unique nature and beautiful climate. Among the most prominent landmarks that we will learn about Arab travelers are the following:

  • Table Mountain National Park:

It is considered one of the most popular landmarks there and the most popular on the global and local levels, as this park hosts about 2,200 different species of plants and contains 1470 rare flower species, and UNESCO has included it as a world heritage site, and the national table mountain is considered one of the wonders of the modern world. As it receives about one million visitors a year from all countries and countries.

  • Table Mountain:

Or as it is known as the Table Mountain, and it is considered one of the attractive and picturesque tourist areas, it is a flat top that is considered one of the most prominent landmarks of Cape Town where there is forced on the flag and found on the emblem of the government, and this mountain was chosen as one of the seven natural wonders of the world, as the Its height is 10.846 meters.

  • Cape Town wheel:

It is a giant observation wheel, this wheel provides a wonderful panoramic view that captures the hearts of the viewers, and this wheel is located in one of the most vital places in Cape Town, and from the top you can see the city in a unique panoramic scene.

  • Victoria and Alfred Waterfront:

It is considered one of Cape Town’s most prominent tourist attractions and the most visited, with around 24 million visitors visiting it in the year. This city enjoys the splendid scenery and surrounding waters, and includes a number of heritage sites and many tourist attractions, and the Victoria and Alfred waterfront play an important role in developing the country economically , As it was designed as a project with multiple uses and an area of ​​123 hectares that includes hotels, commercial and residential real estate, recreational facilities and restaurants, where the Museum of Choufones is considered one of the oldest heritage sites in the port, which was built in the 18th century and has large numbers of m The exhibits varied archaeological.

  • Boulders Beach:

This beach is surrounded by granite rocks, and this beach forms part of Table Mountain, it is considered one of the tourist places suitable for children due to its unique location, and it is also home to a colony of African penguins that have settled in this beach since 1982.

  • Surround Aquarium:

It hosts about seven galleries with huge windows, and the charm of this place is due to its unique location at the meeting point of the Atlantic Ocean in the Indian Ocean.

  • Cape Point:

It is a mountainous land characterized by the splendor and beauty of its shape, as it extends from the north to the south for a distance of 30 km. Cape Point was originally part of Cape Town from the western side, as it is 45 minutes from Cape Town Airport, and every day it opens its doors Starting from six in the morning until six in the evening, it contains a number of valleys, beaches, bays and large numbers of the rarest natural plants, and there are also large numbers of birds and animals.

  • Robin Island:

This island is located in the natural table bay, as it is about 6.9 km from the coast of Bloubergstrand. The former President of the country, Nelson Mandela, spent two-thirds of his prison term on Robben Island before the apartheid regime fell, and this island is considered one of the most prominent world heritage sites according to what UNESCO has classified.

South Africa Tourist Attractions:

  • Kruger National Park:

This park is located in Mpumalanga Lembono and is one of the largest natural reserves in Africa, with an area of ​​19845 km, and is considered the largest African safari park, where it is possible to experience an unparalleled experience with wild animals, and companies in South Africa organize safari trips within this park where You can stay inside and live and get good services.

  • Gold Reef Park:

This park is located in Johannesburg, and they call it gold because Johannesburg was the city from which they extracted gold, as South Africa is one of the largest countries that export diamonds and gold all over the world, and the park includes a number of restaurants, a mall, a casino and a wonderful amusement park. The park is a museum that tells of life during the gold boom, it is possible to visit the mines from which gold was extracted.

  • Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens:

These gardens have a charming green color, extend to the foot of Table Mountain and were established in 1913, and this garden is considered one of the nine most important gardens in South Africa, and the garden includes many plants of different shapes and colors.

  • Durban beaches:

This beach has a vibrant atmosphere on one of the cleanest and safest beaches, as it offers a number of recreational activities throughout the day. One of the most distinguishing features of this beach is the fact that it lies between the Bay of Plenty and the Albanian Beach, and is surrounded by many tourist places that are near it.

  • Chaka Land Resort:

This unique resort that was built among trees and contains 55 hotel rooms built in the form of palm huts and equipped with all modern amenities, in this resort is a wonderful and strange experience in tribal dancing in the skins of animals, where visitors can choose the tour program in the afternoon and for a period Three hours to get to know the customs and traditions of the people of South Africa better, and to get to know how and when they originated.

  • Canggu Cave:

It is a series of caves bearing multiple and different names, but not all caves are open to the public. The limestone caves are located at the foot of the Swartburg chain and date back to the pre-Cambrian era, as they are located near the town of Ocheron in the Western Cape Province, and the Cango Cave consists of many The narrow corridors are decorated with a number of rock formations that are characterized by their steep slope, and they also contain many charming halls formed of limestone.

  • The Park of Tercisolo:

This park is located at the end of Malmolm Portview Street, about 25 km west of Sandton, where it is near the Whitporteige Waterfall, and it has an area of ​​about 750 acres, containing approximately 600 different species of naturally growing plants.

  • KwaZulu-Natal Park:

This place attracts all lovers of African wildlife, which is characterized by magnificence and excitement, where you can visit this modern, which is characterized by its picturesque tropical nature, where it is possible to enjoy a distinct safari trip through which you can see many types of wild animals.

  • Garden Roth:

This place has a picturesque nature, extending from the water in the southeastern coast of the country to Moselle Bay, and is located in the Western Cape province, and they call it the Garden Road, due to the spread of vegetation in the region, where many seas and lakes can be found along the coast.

  • Plett Canyon River:

The valley of the valley is one of the most famous and most popular spots in South Africa, it contains a lot of stunning landscapes where the leaves of semi-tropical lush trees, and Plett Canyon is one of the largest valleys in the world.

  • Ostrich farms:

It is located in Oshton, and it is characterized by ostrich plantations that have a unique and unique attraction, where it is possible to enjoy watching special and distinctive performances of ostriches.

Video of the most beautiful places of tourism in South Africa:

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