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Islands in South America

There are many islands belonging to the South American continent, the most prominent of which are:

Falkland Islands

The Falkland Islands is located in the continent of South America, and it occupies an estimated area of ​​12173 square kilometers, and it is ranked 167 around the world in terms of area. This island is one of the regions of the United Kingdom, and it is home to about 2931 people, whose origin is Mainly to England, most of them live in the capital, Stanley.

South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands

These two islands are located 1390 km from the Falkland Islands, in the southeastern side, and 2150 km from the continent of South America, and it is uninhabited, as it is mainly used by researchers, scientists and whalers, and is referred to as a colony of the state of Britain, although The state of Argentina claims its sovereignty.

Despite the fact that these two islands are not inhabited by residents, but it is allowed for fans of excursions and adventure lovers to go to it, where many places can be visited, most notably:

  • South Georgia Museum, and this museum was previously a whaling station, and a display of fishing gear, but it was converted into a museum in 1991, where this museum is mainly concerned with showing the history of whale hunting, the history of people on the island, in addition to highlighting social life And wilderness on this earth.
  • Sir Ernest Shackleton Cemetery is one of the most famous polar explorers, as he died on this island in 1922, and the tomb also includes the graves of a number of other important figures.
  • Zavodovski Island, which is a fertile place for penguins, can head to this island and see millions of penguins.

Galapagos Islands

This island is located on top of the equator, 600 miles from the western side of the country of Ecuador, and its name means “Turtle Islands” in Spanish, due to the giant turtles that were found there, and it is worth noting that it was discovered for the first time in 1535 AD, by The Spanish Bishop, Tomas de Berlanga, used this island mainly as a pirate hideout until the nineteenth century AD, and in 1793 AD it became a base for the English whale hunters, but in 1831 CE Ecuador officially annexed this island to it, and made it A stronghold of convicts and prisoners.
Between 1920 AD and 1939 AD, a group of Norwegians arrived on the island, and Ecuador allowed them to live on it without any charge, which led many people from different countries to emigrate to live there, but in 1959 AD, Galapagos became a marine reserve and was declared a site of World Heritage sites, so the process of traveling to them is now strictly controlled.

Easter Island

Easter Island is a popular tourist destination, as it is located in the southeastern region of the Pacific, 3800 km from Chile, and is also known for the “Moise” statues that were built by the people of “Rapa Nui” in addition to the natural scenery, and its sands White.

Other islands in South America

South America includes many other islands, and the most important of them are:

  • Big Island of the Land of Fire: (Portuguese: Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego) is affiliated with the Chilean country, with an area of ​​approximately 18,530 square miles.
  • Marago Island: It is the second largest island, with an area of ​​15,500 square miles, and it is referred to as the state of Brazil.
  • Bananal Island: This island is located in Brazil, and it is ranked third as the largest island in South America, with an area of ​​7398.59 square miles.
  • Youth Island: Or Isla Juventud is one of the islands of the State of Cuba, also known as the island of parrot, and is referred to as the largest island among the 600 islands consisting of the archipelago of Canarius (English: Archipelago of Canarreos).
  • Juan Fernandez Island: It belongs to the State of Chile.
  • The islands of San Ambrosio and San Felix: It belongs to the State of Chile.
  • Trinidad Island: It is located in Brazil.
  • St. Paul’s Islands: Located in Brazil.
  • St. Peter Island: Located in Brazil.
  • De San Bernando Islands: It is located in Colombia.
  • Del Rosario Islands: It is located in Colombia.

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