Space tourism

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Space tourism

Tourism to space is known as travel to outer space, with the aim of entertainment or promoting something, and a group of modern companies has emerged in the last years aiming to develop space tourism, because it is limited and costly, and currently this service is provided only to the Russian Space Agency.

The cost of space tourism

Space Adventure is publicizing these trips, and between 2001 and 2009 it cost about twenty to thirty-five million US dollars, and as a result of the increase in the crew of the space station of Russia; the flights were suspended in the year 2010 AD, and they worked to take advantage of the seats they had for the pioneers, not the tourists. However, it was reported that in the year 2013 AD, it will start to start space flights again so that one vehicle can accommodate three people, and may increase in the future.

Instead of the word tourism, the responsible organizations used the term trips, knowing that the Civilian Project uses the phrase civil space exploration, and in September of 2012, a group of companies conducted a group of discounts on spaceflight, which includes orbital and sub-orbital, at separate time periods. .

Science fiction in spaceflight

As a result of the great successes achieved by spaceflight, the specialists found that the intensification of these flights is very important, and I have mentioned such aspirations in science fiction stories, most notably Arthur Clarke in his story of the fall of the moon sand, and the novel Jonah Ross issued in the year 1968 AD, and the author Lutian mentioned in a book Real history is a group of men who travel using their own ship to the moon, and many other stories.

The economic future of space tourism

In the year 2010 AD, a report was issued by the Federal Aviation Agency, entitled the economic effects of commercial space transport on the economy of the United States, as a result of a set of studies conducted by Wouteren, who works as a space scientist and technical consultant, where he expected tourism to space to cost about a billion dollars during A period of time equal to twenty years.

In addition, since Dennis Tito traveled to the International Space Station, citizens began paying a fee of about twenty million dollars for space access, and Space Adventure expected that the number would reach about fifteen by the year 2020 AD, knowing that these numbers do not include Private organizations like Galvargin Galvtic, where in 2012 they sold about five hundred tickets, two hundred dollars per ticket, and expects sales to increase in the coming years.


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