Spain’s honeymoon program, when searching for the best tourist destinations for the honeymoon vacation, you will not be forgotten that Spain will be the ideal option, to enjoy the best honeymoon and return with unforgettable romantic memories, between the capital Madrid, the island of Mallorca, Barcelona, ​​Granada and many wonderful Spanish cities that are suitable for spending The most beautiful romantic vacation, where the warm and dry climate in some regions and the Mediterranean climate over the rest of the other areas, in addition to the multi-cultural Spanish cities, historical castles, monuments, picturesque beaches, wonderful islands and lots of beautiful artwork all This made Spain a great interface to start the first journey in married life.

Best places of tourism in Spain:

  • Tourism on the island of Majorca:

Majorca island in Spain
The honeymoon in Mallorca has its own taste, as this most popular island in Spain, which is one of the largest Balearic Islands, is preferred by many to spend an ideal honeymoon, as its charming white sand beaches, as well as it includes many resorts and luxury hotels, amidst a difficult landscape to find In a place other than Mallorca, where pine forests, olive trees, almond groves, many white windmills and the mountain villages that are close to it and the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range that surrounds them, there can spend the most romantic times and eat delicious seafood.

  • Tourism in Benidorm (Costa Blanca):

Benidorm (Costa Blanca)Benidorm (Costa Blanca)
In Benidorm there are all the necessary ways and means to spend the best fun-filled honeymoon on Spanish soil, where there are three beaches characterized by golden sand, and there are many restaurants, hotels, picturesque gardens and charming nature, and the availability of many water sports such as diving, water skiing, paragliding, swimming and diving Surfing as well as a lively nightlife.
  • Tourism in Madrid:

Madrid to spend the best honeymoon
It is the Spanish capital that is rich in its ancient traditions that are still still present, and is characterized by its lively and fun streets, so it is one of the most suitable destinations for grooms who love history, art, ancient experiences, gardens that have a romantic character, cycling and luxury restaurants.

  • Tourism in Segovia:

This city has all the romantic temptations to spend the most beautiful honeymoon in Spain, as it is one of the most attractive destinations for grooms who love history, where they can spend the most beautiful times between the old town where the old medieval heritage buildings and narrow alleys of the city, ideal gardens and craft shops.

  • Tourism in Marbella and Costa del Sol:

 Costa del SolCosta del Sol
For those wishing to spend a honeymoon like the princes and kings, they only have to go to Marbella, it is one of the most famous and most popular Spanish resorts, which for a long time has been the preferred choice for Arab and archaeological kings who want to relax in the embrace of the nature of Spain.

  • Tourism in Galicia:

Galicia for the honeymoon vacation
Where empty caves and deserted beaches so the ideal destination for lovers to see the most beautiful paintings, and the most appropriate place for those wishing to spend an ideal honeymoon, where its beaches and the different locations and many romantic stories woven around all of this made it the best choice for honeymoon.

  • Tourism in Toledo:

This antique city is bustling with horses castles, antique cobbled streets and medieval buildings, ancient granites and elegant restaurants and a city castle that has a romantic character, and the old town that has its hidden charm between calm and antique buildings does not hide from you.

  • Tourism in Granada:

It is considered one of the distinctive destinations in Spain, especially since it was influenced a lot by the character of Moroccans for several centuries. The ornate architectural style and its buildings with intricate carvings made Granada its special charm evident in all its tourist attractions, starting with the Red Castle, which is considered one of the most romantic regions of Spain.

  • Tourism in Barcelona:

Where romance and beauty while wandering in its cobbled streets, wandering in its public squares and spending the most beautiful evening among its gardens, in addition to its romantic restaurants that are interested in providing traditional dishes and luxurious resorts that provide all the amenities.

Honeymoon program in Spain:

It is always advisable to choose Real Madrid, the Spanish capital, to be the first destination for travel in Spain and spend the honeymoon there, and then travel between the cities and regions of Spain is carried out by train in Spain or through domestic flight in the event that the budget allows that, and you have a tourist program for the month Honey will target a number of cities and can cancel or increase the interface, according to circumstances and desire and the program phrase:

  • First, the city of Madrid:

The city of MadridThe city of Madrid
It will be the first façade and four days will be spent touring it and exploring its landmarks. On the first day: the Rene Sofia Museum, the Royal Palace and the Tiro Gardens will be visited the Grand Square.
Day 2: Visit the People’s Museum, the Gate of the Sun, Minister’s Games City, the Prado Museum, go to the city center, and the bullring.
Day 3: Visit the Real Madrid stadium and El Palacio del Yellowo market, go to Atocha station, Alcala Street and the Military Museum.
On the fourth and final day in Madrid, the rest of the city’s landmarks will be visited, as will be the Lacastiana Street, the Wax Museum and Spain Square.

  • Cordoba city:

The city of CordobaThe city of Cordoba
The tour will take only one day in Cordoba, and on the fifth day, you will move to Cordoba with the best means of transportation you prefer, and visit its landmarks such as the Al-Zahra Palace, the Great Mosque, Arab Baths, visiting the royal horse stable, and then visiting the markets located in the vicinity of the mosque and Qantara, which is located next to the Great Mosque.

  • Tourism in Marbella:

Spanish Marbella
The trip to Marbella will be the sixth and seventh day of the trip due to the multiplicity of the city’s landmarks. The distance between Cordoba and Marbella is three and a half hours. On the first day, you will visit the Marina Banus Market, Friday Restaurant, and Bullfighting, and the day ends with sitting at the Da Paolo Café.
While on the seventh day, breakfast will be eaten at Picasso Restaurant, then visit the Suri El Corte Ingles, Mijas Village and Lacanada Market, and then visit the Casco Antiguo neighborhood, Banna El Madina, and the day will end at Qibes Restaurant for dinner.

  • Granada:

We will go to Granada on the eighth day and spend one day there and visit the Al-Bayazin neighborhood, the Royal Church and the Alhambra Palace.

  • Tourism in Ronda:

The trip will take one day, during which the Andalusian Kasbah, the two hanging bridges, the city walls will be visited, as well as the bull walkers, Ronda museums and the cemetery gate.

  • Tourism in Seville:

The trip in Seville will be for only one day and corresponds to the tenth day of the trip, and will visit the Gold Tower, the minaret of the mosque, and visit the Plaza de España and the Palace of the Kings.

  • Tourism in Malacca:

The trip will be one day, during which the Arab walls, the Andalusian Kasbah, the Tarzanah Gate and the Jabal Farah Fort will be visited.

  • Tourism in Barcelona:

The trip will start in Barcelona from the twelfth day of the trip until the fifteenth day, where you will leave Spain on this day, and while in Spain it is advised to try to spend more romantic times on its beaches and in its fine restaurants and wandering the streets.

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