Spanish Airlines or Iberia Airlines is the national air carrier of the Kingdom of Spain, the oldest in the world and the fourth European in terms of the number of passengers traveling on its flights.
Spain National Airlines dates back to the year 1927, and has succeeded since then and for decades in attracting more passengers on its planes to succeed by 2009 in entering into a partnership with British Airways and joining a single world alliance of international aviation networks, and other achievements.
Spanish Airlines now operates a fleet of 185 aircraft with 27 aircraft on demand from the latest, largest and broadest global aircraft models to fully meet the needs of their passengers and maintain their safety and safety in the air, from its two major airports (Madrid International Airport – Barcelona International Airport).
Throughout the article, we present to you a set of the most important benefits and services provided by Iberia Airlines, Spain, to its distinguished customers, with the most important questions that can revolve in your mind regarding its dealings with its customers.

Spanish Airlines

Spanish Airlines features

Traveling on Spanish Airlines provides customers with a range of high-level features and services that guarantee them comfort, satisfaction and enjoyment during their short and long trips and to various destinations such as:
• Providing the highest levels of safety and air safety through a modern fleet of aircraft equipped at the highest level to ensure the comfort and welfare of the customer.
• Comfortable seats with head and footrests and the ability to sleep and lie down and massage in some degrees, which promotes relaxation and comfort.
• Touch screens of different sizes according to degree, to enjoy listening and watching local and international cinematic, television and program contents in multiple languages.
• An integrated website for online shopping with great discounts, local and international newspapers and magazines in different languages.
• Priority of registration and boarding for businessmen, VIPs, pregnant women and unaccompanied children and giving them special care.
• High attention to sick and disabled travelers and pets.
Delicious meals and a variety of local kitchens with fresh seasonal ingredients, or different international dishes, taking into account the owners of special diets for health and ideological purposes.
Ease of online booking, massive discounts and offers on travel tickets of various grades, and the provision of cheap and economical travel tickets, while completing the travel procedures faster.
• Providing after-travel services such as hotel reservations and car rental, as well as airport and private transportation services with buses and trains.

Onboard services

Air Spain, known as Iberia Airlines, provides a range of on-board services that ensure comfort, luxury, and air safety for the airline’s customers, such as:

the food

Iberia Airlines offers a long and varied menu of local and international seasonal dishes and dishes prepared with fresh, good ingredients to suit different tastes and ages, taking into account special dieters.
The dishes and the quality of foods vary according to the length of the trip and the degree and include grills, liquid foods, eggs and cooked vegetables.


Spanish Airlines provides travelers on board its flights to various destinations around the world a large number of entertaining content in different languages ​​such as Spanish, English, French, italyn and Portuguese, up to 65 local and international films in different preferred cinema fields, 105 radio and TV programs in the fields of travel, technology and sports with series and films Documentaries, 60 CD’s including the oldest and latest music compositions and audiobooks, video games C, local and international newspapers and magazines from 150 countries and in more than 60 languages.


On its flights, Spanish Airlines provides mobile services and wireless internet, with adjustable blankets, head and back and shoulder rests and equipped with a massage feature, touch screens of various sizes, noise-canceling headphones.

the shopping

Air Spain provides an integrated website for online shopping that you can use easily and effectively while you are on your journey, as you can choose between more than 120 products from the most famous international brands with discounts of up to 50% on all goods and gifts such as cosmetics, watches, jewelry and accessories, electronic devices Baby supplies, cigarettes, and more.

Travel classes on Air Spain

Spanish Airlines offers its customers 4 classes for traveling on their short and long flights to different parts of the world that differ among them in terms of the advantages, comfort and luxury they provide to the customer as follows:

Economic class

This grade provides comfortable tiltable seats, with movable headrests and reading light.
Power supply, USB connection and 9 ”personal touchscreen, with shelf behind each seat for personal storage.

Economic class

This class provides comfortable, reclinable seats for sleeping and with a blanket, head, back, and footrests, legroom, and other personal belongings.
Power, Network, USB, and 12-inch Personal Touch Screen Monitor with Noise Canceling Headphones.

business class

This class provides passengers with a comfortable tiltable seat to help you relax and lie down, with a special reading light, a shelf behind each seat for personal purposes, a touch screen and a power supply and a USB connection to charge electronic devices and follow-up entertainment content, the ability to get a middle seat in the class for free.

Business Class Plus

This grade provides comfortable fully flush seats as a bed, with movable headrests, back and shoulder cushions for massage, reading light, phone, power supply and USB connection.
Two personal touch screens with different sizes to follow the entertainment content, with noise canceling headphones.
A wine rack and two swivel tables of different sizes for dining, doing business and placing things.

Travel destinations on Iberia

Spanish Airlines provides passengers with 115 destinations in 39 countries around the world, including 5 destinations in the Arab Maghreb:
Spanish Airlines flights to / from Marrakech
Flights from / to Casablanca
Flights Iberia to / from Rabat
Spanish Airlines flights to / from Oran
Flights Iberia to / from Algiers

Spanish Airlines and ticket reservations

You can book airline tickets on Spanish Airlines through one of their travel agencies around the world, or on the Iberia Airlines website to enjoy an endless range of travel offers and discounts and a secure parking spot at the airport.
You can also enjoy the services provided by the company to its customers who start their flights to the airport by using the train or bus, where they get the same benefits that are available to passengers on Spain Airlines directly.
You can also take advantage of the after-travel services provided by Spanish Airlines to its customers such as hotel reservation or car rental from hotels and partner airlines of Iberia Airlines, which you can get acquainted with by visiting the company’s website.

Check in

To complete travel procedures easier and faster and complete your flight without any errors or problems, Spanish Airlines places a specific time before the flight date to check in with the relevant offices designated for that ranges between 45 to 60 minutes depending on the airport and the country of departure, with the date of boarding the flight set 20 minutes before The takeoff time, with the exception of the Venezuelan capital Caracas, is to be boarded two hours before the start of the flight, and the Republic of Guatemala, where the plane must be boarded 40 minutes before the flight.

Baggage policy on Iberia

Air Spain allows a free 23 kg payload and a total dimensions of 158 cm per bag, with a handbag that the passenger can carry to the cabin cabin with a total dimensions of 85 cm.
This is in addition to the foldable stroller or car seat for children from two years to 11 years, with a fixed fee if the load weight increases by a maximum of 32 kg per bag.
And in case of wanting to increase the load above this limit (one additional bag) it can be purchased online through the reservation management department of the Spanish Airlines website with enjoyable discount, or upon arrival at the airport it is preferred 20 minutes before the regular traveler with a review of the list of airports That allows additional baggage via the Iberia Airlines website.

Summary of customer reviews

According to the comments of 15,000 820 people who have traveled on Spanish Airlines flights, Spanish airline Iberia rated 3/5 on Trip Advisor to rate and book flights.

common questions

This item addresses a group of the most important common questions that are still in the minds of travelers on board the flights of Spanish Airlines, especially those who travel using them for the first time, such as:

Does Spanish Airlines offer a special reservation program for its frequent travelers?

Yes, Spanish Airlines offers a loyalty program to its permanent customers, individuals, families and business companies known as Iberia Plus, which enables you with every trip you take to upgrade your card and get unlimited services and benefits from free trips, hotel reservations, car rental and discounts on shopping and entertainment partner And easier booking through the Iberia Airlines website and its travel agents in so-called Avoys points.

How can I recover my luggage if it is lost or damaged during a flight on Iberia, Spain?

Spanish Airlines only claims responsibility for the baggage lost on board its aircraft or in the VIP lounges or buses that carry its passengers to and from the departure airport, which can be asked on the next day of the flight in the company’s lost and lost department by communicating with the customer service team on the site Email or contact numbers.
Otherwise, contact with the lost and lost office at the airport where the baggage was lost.

What luggage is allowed to carry in hand luggage while traveling on Spain Airways flights?

The baggage that is permitted to carry in the hand luggage on the cabin of the aircraft varies according to the class of travel, the region and the destination to be traveled to, but in any case the bag must be light and its total dimensions do not exceed 85 to 126 cm.
Musical instruments, light sport equipment, computers or tablets, video game consoles, travel irons or hair dryers, all of which must be taken out and examined carefully and separately from travel bags, may include liquid medications such as insulin syringes for diabetics for example within the limits of 100 ml either. What’s more, a permit from the treating physician, the special razors on her cover, must be presented.
Sharps such as scissors, knives, flammable materials, dangerous chemicals, breakable items, and other items that threaten the safety and security of the crew and passengers are prohibited as they are guarded and prevented from ascending to the cabin of the aircraft.

How does Spanish Airlines handle the special cases of its flights?

Passengers of special circumstances receive high care and attention from the staff and hospitality of the Spanish airline Iberia, in accordance with their conditions as follows:
Pregnant women: Pregnant women, before completing their 28th week of pregnancy, can travel on a comfortable flight with Spanish Airlines, with special care, quality services, early boarding and guidance to the door of the plane.
While Spain Airlines refuses to see pregnant women after 36 weeks of pregnancy and 32 in case of multiple pregnancy except on their own responsibilities and the responsibility of their treating physician in cases of extreme necessity, after the 28th week of pregnancy the pregnant woman rises on the plane with a detailed statement from her doctor about the data and status of her pregnancy And her healthy condition before traveling.
After delivery, the mother or her newborn child is not allowed to travel on Iberia flights a week before the birth, taking into account consulting a pediatrician before traveling and moisturizing the child’s body before and after the trip to protect it from dehydration.
Children without a companion: Spanish Airlines allow unaccompanied minors to travel with family or guardians accompanying their flights to their various destinations around the world, while giving them adequate care, enjoyment and entertainment that they like throughout the trip and setting compulsory facilities for children from 5 to 11 years old.
For adolescents from 12 to 17 years old, optional facilities can be put on demand, with easy communication of the child while flying.
The accompanying service fee for an unaccompanied child varies depending on the length, destination, and whether it is a direct flight.
People with special needs: Spanish Airlines pays special care for its sick and special travelers, provided that the condition and needs are reported during the trip, such as oxygen breathing apparatus, specific drugs, blood transfusion and dialysis units, wheelchairs, stretchers or nurseries, to provide aircraft of a size that can be provided or accompanied with the patient, in addition A detailed authorization from the traveler’s physician.
In severe cases, Iberia Airlines also allows a medical or accompanying team to be informed of the progress and development of the condition, or auxiliary animals.

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