Special prices on entry tickets for KidZania Dubai 2022

المسافرون العرب

Special prices on KidZania entry tickets if you book online or buy an annual ticket, and because this is the leading educational and leisure destination in Dubai, one of the most important tourist destinations for children, Arab travelers have prepared for it an article for you (Get to know KidZania Dubai 2020); Your most prominent offers.

Special prices on KidZania entry tickets

There are discounts on KidZania entry tickets in the case of pre-booked electronically, and the reservation prices are as follows:

Prices on the economic ticket

  • AED 175.5 instead of 195.

Special prices on the premium ticket

  • AED 234 instead of 260.

Special rates for young children

  • It refers to tickets for children between the ages of 2 and 3 years. If you book online, the price of remembering is estimated to be 99 AED instead of 110.

Special prices on adult tickets

  • AED 72 instead of 80.

Special prices for the annual entry ticket for KidZania

In addition to all previous discounts on individual tickets, KidZania provides a discount on the annual ticket, which allows entry for a period of 365 days, and the discount is as follows:

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  • 15% of the total price for organizing a child’s birthday party.
  • 15% off on total purchases from the KidZania store.

In addition to this discount, obtaining the annual ticket gives the child 150 kids who can use them to practice many special activities in KidZania.
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