State of the Comoros

المسافرون العرب


Comoros is one of the countries located on the Indian Ocean near the eastern coast of the continent of Africa by the end of the Mozambique Channel from the northern side, and it consists of several islands, the largest of which are: the island of Mawali, the island of Ngazijar, Maghuri, Anzuani, Anjouan, and several other small islands, and it is officially called Lunar Union.

The country does not have any land borders with any other country, as it is surrounded by water, and the closest countries to it are: Mozambique, Tanzania, Madagascar, and Seychelles. The capital of the country is Mawali, and gained independence from France in 1975 AD.

Area and population

The area of ​​the Comoros country is approximately (1.862) square kilometers, and it has coastal territorial waters with an area of ​​(340) square kilometers, and the population of the state is approximately (798) thousand people, and despite its relatively small population, it is one of the most densely populated African countries Its residents also condemn the Islamic religion (86%), Christians (14%), and speak Arabic and French, in addition to the lunar language, which is a mix between the coastal and Arabic languages.

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The official currency in Comoros is the lunar franc, and there are different races in the country: Arabs (35%), Africa (55%), and there are other races from India, Indonesia, China, Malay, the Netherlands, Portugal and France.

reason of calling

The first people to call it “Comoros” are the Arabs, during the beginning of the second century AH, and there are two narrations regarding its name, the first is that Arab travelers from the regions of Hadramaut, Muscat, and Aden settled on the region’s coast at night and the moon was that night full, so they called it Comoros. ”The second novel, however, is more likely to be called a mother shaped like a moon.

Terrain and climate

Most of the terrain is characterized by low hills and high mountainous areas. As for its climate, it is temperate and dry, tropical, and it rains in two seasons: winter and summer. The mean minimum temperature in the summer is between (29-30) degrees, and in the winter it reaches (19) degrees, as well as hurricanes during the rainy season that are very severe and very strong, leading to the destruction of part of the island’s infrastructure.

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Carrot formation

These islands were formed as a result of volcanic activity such as: the Kertala volcano, which is located in the region of Nagasegia; it is an active shield shield, which is the highest peak in the region, and its height is approximately (2.361) meters, and on this mountain there are rainforests that are gradually disappearing, as this is considered The volcano is one of the most active volcanoes in the world, as it was the last eruption in (2006 AD), and in (2005 AD), as well as in (1991 AD).

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