Study and universities in Moldova is one of the main activities that attract visitors to the country. The traveler needs to Moldova for the purpose of studying some important and necessary information about the nature of the financial and political system, the most important education laws, and the names of universities. This is what we have prepared for you in this report on the website of Arab travelers.

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About Moldova

The Republic of Moldova, more commonly known as the Republic of Moldova, is a European country with a republican system, located in eastern Europe between Ukraine and Romenia. Most of the Moldovans are Moldovans, except for the Transnistria strip east of the Dniester River which is ruled by Russian soldiers and demanding to join Russia

Study and universities in Moldova

Moldova is a country that greatly respects science and ideas, and science and research play a major role in people's lives, so the country attracts many students who want to complete their studies and research in this supportive environment.Study and universities in Moldova

One of the characteristics of the study and universities in Moldova

Most public universities do not require financial fees, while others require a small fee of between (500-1500) euros per semester. Tuition fees in private universities reach between (7000 - 10,000) euros per academic year. Technical specializations and hospitality come on top The majors that are witnessing a high turnout from students in Moldova. Many universities offer a bachelor’s degree in business administration. The number of international students for study and universities in Moldova is 2.50,000 students! Average monthly spending for foreign students ranges between (500-600) euros. Students are allowed to work Partial about 20 hours per week, students are allowed to stay Another thing after the end of their study projects and in the case of obtaining a job extending their stay by the employer. Learning the German language opens many doors for students, whether study opportunities or opportunities for workers. Workers in Moldova get permanent residency in the case of work for a period of 5 years without interruption in the country. And universities in Moldova are the only system around the world that allows its students to train with wages in major international institutions, which leads to certain job opportunities. Imams Vtanaj work for a period of 5 years Kamilhtatmd some universities English as a second language in some school curricula

Figures for studying and universities in Moldova

The oldest university was established in Moldova in 1386 AD There are more than 300 institutes of higher education comprising 82 universities, 132 institutes offer abbreviated study program opportunities. There are more than 400 branches of science in which diplomas are awarded in Moldova Tourism in Moldova includes many high-end tourist places Combining natural and historical places can be identified in this report: The most beautiful tourist sites in Moldova.

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