Study in Germany from A to Z (c3)

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admissions :
The result of admission appears in a period ranging between one and 3 months from the date of application, and if the registration is in specializations that are not NC, then the admission will reach you in a period ranging between one and 3 months varies from one university to another

When you are accepted to one or more universities (choose the university that suits you if you were accepted in more than one) and go to the university and register any Immatrikulation or Einschreibung and you will find the registration times in the admission sheet
In order to complete the registration, you must take the original copies of the registration papers (this includes the original and translated Arabic version) + a language certificate DSH or TestDaf or an FP test in addition to a statement from a government health insurance company (here the insurance will not be accepted from private companies)
health insurance
After obtaining admission from the university, you will need to register yourself with a government insurance company or licensed by the state, for example
AOK - Die Gesundheitskasse
Techniker Krankenkasse (TK)
And others
The cost of insurance is about 65 euros a month, and you pay for treatment, medicines, commissions, etc.
Without insurance, your registration may be rejected, you must be careful
And it is not allowed to register with these companies unless you have admission to the university. Those who do not have admission will not be activated
In the event of rejection, God forbid, you will find the reason for rejection registered on the rejection paper and the common reason is the lack of sufficient places (if the NC specialties) and the other reason is because of the language and that may be the reason that you did not send the language certificate DSH or TestDaf before the registration end date, some Universities require this certificate before the end of the registration period, especially in NC specialties, and some universities do not need it and require it from you at university registration or Einschreibung
However regarding the NC it is necessary to attach this certificate before when applying for nomination
In this case, you have hope in what is known as Losverfahren and it starts from the date of September 1 / March 1 in which you fill out a form in which the name, address and specialty you want to get here and you do not need to send any certificates or any other papers only request to apply to Losverfahren
Because Losverfahren is a lottery process, applications are mixed and withdrawn electronically or manually, depending on the number of applicants and the number of places remaining with the university.
Your opportunity may be 1 over 1000, but you can register in more than one university and in more than one specialization. Some universities allow you to have only one major. Therefore, you must pay attention, and you should not register more than once in one major, otherwise your nomination will be null.
The second solution is to wait for the next semester and register again.
The cost of living in Germany varies from one city to another and from one region to another, but 643 euros a month is enough to live in all German cities.
Whoever wants to study in Germany must work hard, then patience and struggle
Selected universities to study medicine, pharmacy and health in general (in order and preference)
Uni Heidelberg
Uni Munich LMU
Uni Freiburg
Uni Tübingen
Uni G & # 246; ttingen
Uni Erlangen
Uni Ulm
Technical universities to study engineering Zalkima (according to preference and arrangement)
TU Munich
RWTH Aachen
Uni Karlsruhe
Uni Stuttgart
TU Darmstadt
Or visit the website of the Association of Technical Universities in Germany - TU9 - Homepage - German Institutes of Technology

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