Study in Germany from A to Z (Part 1)

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Language and language enrollment

Undoubtedly, the German language is considered difficult, but it is very hard to find. You can learn the language in your country before going to Germany (at least 30 hours) and show this when applying for a visa
As for institutes Deutsch lernen, Kultur erleben * – * Goethe-Institut * is considered one of the most famous and ancient institutes in Germany and its branches are spread in Germany and abroad, but the cost of study is rather high, so it is advised to search for other language institutes that are less expensive
The institutes are many and the selection is difficult to solve this problem. It is preferable to join the university’s language institute, that is, to choose a university and register at the university’s language institute. For example, please mention
Deutsch lernen in München – Deutschkurse bei der Universit
Home: Sprachenakademie Aachen
List of the university’s language center
Private institutes:
— / F + U Unternehmensgruppe – Perspektiven für Ihre berufliche Zukunft
Before you leave your country, you must make sure that the institute has made room for you in their housing or with a family
You will get an acceptance, then you will pay the tuition fees, then attach the acceptance sheet with the visa application file
Duration of language study
The German language is divided into 6 levels: A1 / A2, then B1 / B2, then C1 / C2. Each part requires a period between 2 and 3 months, meaning that you will need a period ranging between 9 months to reach the B2 level, which is the lowest level that gives you the possibility to study the preparatory year. Or what is called Studienkolleg and you must pass the B2 exam to be admitted in the preparatory year
But you can complete the language in a period of time less than that and depend on the institute system and also on your diligence
Some people coming from countries like Palestine, Jordan and the Maghreb where the number of study years is 13 years (4 secondary years) need a language level of at least C1 to pass the DSH or TestDaf
Visa and travel
After obtaining acceptance from the Language Institute, you will apply for a visa and attach the required papers, the most important of which is

Your high school diplomas are translated into German and attested
Statement of financial support (the guardian’s individual income in a year + a bank statement): It varies from one country to another and the case of the guardian

For people who are required to open a bank account in Germany in the amount of 7750-8000 euros, with a maximum of 643 euros – 650 euros. A bank account is opened by sending an email to and the following is written for it:

I’m an international student planning to come to Germany to study at the university
In order to obtain the Visa, i need to open a student bank account
please send me the required Application form

After that, the bank will send the required papers + other clarifications
To avoid the problem of rejecting the application, God forbid, I advise you to go to a branch of Deutsche Bank to help you fill out the application – you will find the addresses here…Saudi%20Arabia
When filling out the application, do not sign and postpone that to a later step, which is when you go to the German embassy to certify the “signature” where you will sign there and certify the papers and then send them to the bank confirming that a valid electronic account has been created because they will contact you through him and then they will later By submitting a paper confirming the opening of the account and asking you to transfer the mentioned or required amount
When filling the application, beware opening an account with a value higher than the required value, for example 10,000 euros, because they will reject the request
After organizing the papers and visa requirements, you must request an appointment from the embassy to present your papers and conduct an interview
When you are invited to the interview, you will present your papers and speak with the person to whom you presented your papers, but do not panic or fear. You do not need to speak German, you can speak English or even in Arabic if the employee is fluent in it or is Arabic
After that, you wait for the visa, the date of issuance of the visa may be longer if you apply for it long before the start of your studies at the Language Institute, for example.
If the start date of the language course was on January 01, 2011 and you applied for the visa on October 01, the issuance of the visa will be delayed until December 15, 2010 if you do not panic if they are late for you to respond and it is preferred to apply for the visa at least a month and a half before the start date of the lessons, but it depends on the date of which The embassy has assigned you
What matters in filing the visa is: discipline, ethics and non-screaming and that your file is clean and you do not have any judicial precedents or offenses you have made
Travel and get to Frankfurt airport
Frankford is the financial center of Europe where the European Financial Bank is located and the center for the issuance of the euro coin, along with some other institutions
Frankford Airport is one of the largest and busiest airports in Germany
When you arrive, you will glimpse from the distance the many lights and tall buildings, so know that there are only a few minutes left on the trip
When the plane lands and passes through customs, you will have to show your passport, then the employee will ask you why you came to Germany, then simply say to study, then the employee will return the passport to you and then let you go if you are going to receive your bags and go to the waiting room where you will find someone there waiting for you ( According to the agreement with the Institute of Pleasure, or if you will have to go there alone using the train or bus, it is recommended that you agree with the Language Institute before you arrive in Germany.
Caution: Frankford Airport contains 6 waiting halls A1 A2 B1 B2 C1 C2 Let us suppose that you were in the waiting hall C1 and you did not find anyone waiting for you there so go directly to B2 I think and search for the so-called Meeting point you will find a board attached to it papers search if it is Your name is there. If you find your name, stand there until someone comes to take you. If you do not find your name, search in that place for someone holding a paper that says your name, or wait a little there at the meeting point until someone comes to you.
After that, the person in charge will deliver you and help you carry your belongings to your place of residence
When you arrive at the place of residence, catch your breath and breathe the fresh German air and believe that you are in Germany, take a hot bath if you can and lay down and enjoy a little rest. Tomorrow, go to the Language Institute and attend your first lesson if you arrived on the day the lessons started completely.
The institute will help you to do several things, including registering yourself in the city center, opening an account at the bank, performing health insurance and answering any other questions
Apply for residence
The visa you obtain does not last more than 90 days, therefore you need to extend the period of your stay in Germany and this is done by applying for a residence and this is done in the Citizens Center or Bürgeramt and it is found in every city and you can ask him and then go to him
You need to take these documents with you, of course, along with your passport

A copy of the language institute proving that you are studying for them and the period of time called Teilnahmebescheinigung

A copy of the bank proving financial support is called Finanzierungsbescheinigung

A copy of the health insurance
The amount of 50 euros

You apply for residency you will get it when you go to the appointment

Before that, you must obtain an appointment, and this will be done by phone, email, or directly at the Citizen Center
Work Permit
When you get a residence permit you will find the work permit attached to the residence and you will be allowed to work for 180 days a year as an incomplete work and 90 days a year if it is a full working day (i.e. 8 hours per day and more) and you are allowed to work only on vacation days
But there are training activities called Praktikum and working in them on normal days, there is no problem in it because you do not get a lot of money and work only for a certain period and a few hours does not exceed 4 hours per day
You can work in another way, for example, teaching a language you can master in a person or teaching certain skills, for example in the computer … etc. And you get that, for example, 10 to 20 euros per share or hour according to your agreement, and no person can interfere in your work.
The study of the language continues, as I mentioned previously, at most between 9 months and a year, and varies from institute to institute and from one individual to another according to diligence
After studying the language, you will apply to universities to study for the preparatory year and differ from one major to another
For example, if engineering and computer specialties include the preparatory year, lessons in mathematics, physics, and chemistry in addition to language lessons, and if specializations such as medicine, pharmacy, and biological sciences add to biology or what is known as biology
To apply for the preparatory year or Studienkolleg is done by applying to the university and choosing the specialization that you want to study, that is, you apply for the specialization that you want, for example to be medicine, and when you are admitted to the university, the university will summon you to take a B2 language test. Difficult, but depends on your level of language
The steps for applying for the preparatory year are the same as those shown here, and when you send an application to the university and choose the specialization that you want, you will find in the application paper the option to request to study the preparatory year and even if you forget that, the university will automatically nominate you to study the preparatory year by adopting your secondary certificate, that is, when you By applying for the major you want to study, you are at the same time applying for the preparatory year
Application Filing
In Germany there is a winter semester and a summer semester
Summer term: from November 15 to January 31
Winter semester: From May 15 to July 15 and some universities continue until September 30, with the exception of NC majors such as medicine, pharmacy and biology
This information is available on the university’s website
You may not have to apply to more than one university to study for the preparatory year, but to avoid danger, it is advised to apply to more than one university, especially for medicine, pharmacy, biology … etc. which is known as NC-F & # 228; cher
The rest of the disciplines, such as engineering in general, and that do not have any restrictions, you can only apply to one university and you will be accepted (but you must make sure of the type of specialization that you want to apply to, whether it is NC or others)
Noticeable :
Study of the preparatory year is available only to those who have studied in his country 12 years or less who have studied 13 years in their country (without regard to the failure years) they cannot enroll in the preparatory year and must register directly at the university.
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