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For people who studied in the preparatory year
After completing the year, you will pass an exam known as Feststellungsprüfung, FSP or FP, and take the subjects you have studied throughout the preparatory year, including the language.
The test is not considered difficult in combination with other tests that I will mention later, and you can succeed easily
After that, the university will give you a certificate or statement of preparation, in which you will find the achievement average between the secondary and the preparatory year, and if the evaluation you obtained is sufficient, you will be admitted to the same university in which you studied the preparatory year to complete the study of your major, and if you want you can apply to other universities
Regarding people who did not attend the preparatory year:
After completing the language study and reaching the C1 level at least, you need to pass a language test, which is DSH or TestDaf.
To be admitted to the university, you need at least 67%, i.e. DSH 2 or level 4 in each section of the test, if TestDaf
For NC majors, success is highly recommended, for example, 75% or obtaining a DSH 3, or 82% or more
How to apply to universities:
Before I talk about the application method, I will explain the different types of specialties:
1 – NC and ZVS specializations: The NC abbreviation refers to Numerous Clauses, also called Zulassungsbeschr & # 228; nkung, which means that the number of applicants exceeds the number of places available much and the university does not have a large absorption capacity to accept all applicants. The absorption capacity varies from university to university, but medicine and medicine specialties Dental and pharmacy are always NC-Fach while the rest of the majors depend on the university.
2 – Specializations Mit Einigungsfeststellungsverfahren: They are specializations that have a large capacity for absorption, but through Einigungsfeststellungsverfahren only the right people and those interested in this specialization are accepted by looking at the results of the subjects on which the specialization is based and calculating a new percentage and is not entirely dependent on the secondary result
3 – Specializations Zulassungsfrei or keine Zulassungsbeschr & # 228; nkung: they are specializations available to everyone and there is no difficulty in receiving admission and on the other hand there is no great demand for these specialties
This is a list of majors at the University of Munich LMU and you will find in front of each specialization its type
Submission to universities is done through the university directly, and this is done by filling the registration form at the university and sending the required documents
Papers required to register in general (directly or through Uni-assist)

Application or a copy of an online application registration
Other documents that the university may request (you can find it on the university's website)
A certified copy of the high school diploma
A certified copy of the translated secondary certificate
A certified copy of the secondary school statement
A certified copy of the statement of the translated secondary numbers
A certified copy of any other university, practical, or Internship / Training work certificates or language certificates + translation
Certified copy of B1 test certificate (for those who need a preparatory year)
A certified copy of the B2 test certificate (for those who do not need a preparatory year)
A certified copy of a DSH or TestDaf certificate (if you have obtained it)
Motivation message
A certified copy of the Teilnahmebescheinigung language hours list
A copy of the passport (first page)
Finanzierungsbescheinigung (obtained from the bank)

You can collect everything you need to certify in one file and certify it with the Notariat Office at € 11,90 or you can certify each paper with € 3 at Rathaus
Some universities require registration through the Startseite :: uni-assist e.V. Who will check your papers and their equivalence in the German system and transfer them to the university or send a paper called Vorprüfungsdokument that allows you to complete the registration with the university yourself directly
To open an account with uni-assist:…ister&assist=2
The registration process is very easy

Choose your class Sommer- / Wintersemester
Choose the university via the map or via the side menu
Choose the major you want
Tick ​​Studienkolleg (if you like or if you have to register for a preparatory year)
If you want to add another major, you will find add another degree course
Save or print the application
Submit the request online to uni-assist
is over

If you want to register in more than one university, follow the same steps
Then send all requests and papers required of you to this address
uni-assist e. V
Helmholtzstr. 2-9
Aufgang E, 2. Etage
D-10587 Berlin
This service is not free, therefore you must transfer the required amount from you to a uni-assist bank account (that is, do not send any money in a postal envelope!) To calculate the costs, they are as follows
The first order - 55 euros
The rest of the requests are 15 euros per order
(Optional) If you have a bank account in Germany you can “make” uni-assist by withdrawing the required amount automatically. Print this sheet, fill it out, then send it to uni-assist (in this case you don't need to transfer money to them)
Until your message is directed to the right person who will in turn assist you
How to apply, just email them above and they will tell you everything
Note: This service is also not free, but a small fee of approximately 60 euros is charged
Equation with the German system
The German system The rate is calculated as follows between 1.00 and 6.00 Whenever the number is closer to one, your situation is better, i.e. 1.00 is the best evaluation for you, if your rate is 100%, it will be in the German system 1.00
To calculate your percentage in German assessment, follow this rule in this example

If you are 80%, then
(120 - 80) ÷ 20 = 2.0

To study medicine, for example, a person needs a minimum of 1.4 in general, but the matter depends on the number of applicants. Anyone who does not have this evaluation can apply. Perhaps the university accepts it.
To clarify the matter more, for example, if your evaluation was 2.5 and you submitted to the medicine and you are the holder of the best evaluation, you will be accepted, meaning that the matter does not depend on the evaluation as much as it depends on the providers
Therefore, anyone who wants to study medicine or one of the NC specialties must register at more than one university to ensure admission
other information

When applying to the university, it is recommended that you write a cv and attach a Motivation paper in which you write why you want to study the major you applied for and why you want to study at that university. These papers may not be required, but universities like LMU Munich and TU Munich are considered to be canceled if these papers are not attached.
All papers must be sent together and it is not advisable to send some papers and then attach the rest later. You must make sure that the papers are complete, certified and translated. Otherwise, your nomination will be considered invalid and you may not be able to register again if you miss the registration date.
Some universities require registration through their website called Onlinebewerbung, you must do so and print a copy and attach it to the file and send it, otherwise your nomination will be null.
No original copies should be sent, otherwise your nomination will be considered invalid and copies must be certified
Some universities do not allow you to register in more than one discipline, you must make sure that you will only consider the first discipline you have written
Do not forget to attach a certified copy of the statement of the number of hours of the language that you have studied, otherwise your candidacy will be rejected because of the language even if you attach a DSH or TestDaf certificate (a statement of 1200 hours will be enough) - does not apply in the case of applying to the preparatory year -
You must pass the B2 test if you are not one of the people who attended the preparatory year and accompany the certificate with the nomination application papers. You can take this test at the language institute where you are studying. As for the B2 test for those who want to join the preparatory year, it is completed at the university where you will study the preparatory year and not at the institute .

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