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The cost of studying in the Netherlands
Study costs in the Netherlands vary, depending on the degree of study itself, the type and history of the university, and the city in which you will receive your university education.
study FEES :
For students from outside the European Union, the tuition and undergraduate tuition fees usually range from 14,000-22,000 euros per year.
Note that this average includes all different disciplines, both scientific and literary, which of course differ according to the type of study, its depth and importance in the market or research fields.
As for secondary education in the Netherlands, it is available at costs ranging from 4000 – 13,000 according to the type of educational institution the student wishes to study in.
Accommodation costs:
According to the Dutch official authorities, the student coming to the Netherlands to study must be in possession of 800 euros a month to cover his expenses throughout the period of his studies on its territory.
This amount – at least – must be available annually in the student’s bank account, in order to obtain a study visa in the Netherlands, and be accepted in Dutch educational institutions, as a prerequisite in the admission process.

Cost of living :
The cost of living in the Netherlands, like other European countries, is not very expensive but not cheap at the same time .. It ranges between 800 euros to 1,000 euros, or more or less, depending on the material capacity of the student coming to the country.
And like other countries receiving international students to study, the Dutch universities allow students to work part-time to reduce expenses on them, and work full time in vacation times .. Besides many institutions contribute to reducing the burden on the student through many cuts, both at the academic level by reducing Prices for books and references, etc., or at the level of residence and subsistence by reducing the prices of meals or leisure trips that the student needs during his stay.

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