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Sultan Ahmed Palace in Istanbul In the city of Mansia, specifically the Aegean region, his father Sultan Mehmed III and his mother Handan Khanon, and Sultan Mehmed died in 1617 AD, and he was buried in a mausoleum near the Sultan Ahmed Mosque in Istanbul and this area is known as one of the most famous archeological and tourist areas, because it contains many Mosques, churches, hotels, restaurants, museums and parks.
Among the most famous mosques is the Sultan Ahmed Mosque, which is called the Blue Mosque, its region, the port of Eminonu, and the Egyptian market, as well as the closed market, and it desires to visit a lot, so that more than 2 million visitors visit this region on a daily basis, whether the inhabitants of the same state are Turks. Or from foreign tourists, we will review in our article this most important tourist attraction in the Sultanahmet area in Istanbul and its most important history that made it a bomb that tourists want to visit in order to enjoy its picturesque nature, and we will inform you about Sultan Ahmed and why this area was named after him? Follow me until you are sure of all this.

Who is Sultan Ahmed?

Sultan Ahmed is Ahmed Ibn Al-Khalifa Muhammad Ibn Murad, and he is one of the successors of the Ottoman Empire. The Sultan was born in the year 998 AH and assumed power in 1018 and after his father’s death specifically, and he was not older than 14 years old, and many movements of the regime The state is one of the most famous of which was the movement of Jan Boulad Al-Kurdi, but the armies of the Ottoman Empire managed to defeat them and fled to Italy, and the Sultan Ahmed was distinguished during his reign, with his famous sentence of success and safety, and the Janissaries continued to carry on their rebellion, and Sultan Ahmed was a man characterized by purity and good intentions, and exerts his utmost efforts. In order to strengthen and develop his country.
In the city of Mancia in western Turkey, Ahmed was born, and he was the first born. He was born on the 12th of Jumad Al-Akhir in the year 998 AH and on the 18th of April of the year 1590 AD. Sultan Ahmed grew up at the hands of his father, Sultan Mehmed III, who was in charge of the rule of the state. After Muhammad’s tenure for five years had passed since he assumed the caliphate from his father Murad III, his tenure lasted 9 years and he possessed a high cultural ratio, and he had a poetry collection. He took care of raising his son Ahmed to be eligible to take the caliphate after him, and Ahmed became the crown prince at twelfth. He was only one and a half years old, but his father, TB, died Muhammad III took over as the caliphate after him and he was 14 years old, and when Ahmad came to power he had not been well trained in running the state, or had previously gone out to the front lines, but he was able to do his best to make the utmost effort to protect the homeland And protect his land, despite the fact that his land was going through a violent crisis, the state was then engaged in continuous fighting with the states of Austria and the Safavid state, and lurks in them in circles and the age of Sultan Ahmed al-Saghir is still enduring all of this, and there were many reasons that were exposed Her state at this time, which resulted in internal disturbances, but he treated him seriously in Ed Rh the country’s affairs, and does not leave anything done by the ministry, and to do its utmost in order to protect the interests of the state in addition to that, he was a religious person in his appearance, and poet and Knight can use the weapon of all skill.

Among the most important features of Sultan Ahmed Palace in Istanbul:

Eminonu Port:

This region is one of the most important and largest museums open in the open air in Turkey, and was the heart of the city “Constantinople” known throughout history, and follows at the time Al-Fateh neighborhood, and cross the Golden Horn Bridge to the port of Aminounu, and connect the Bosphorus to the Sea of ​​Marmara, and through it It overlooks the Topkapi Palace and Sultan Ahmed Mosque, in short that the Eminoyo Port is the main tourist front in Istanbul, and about one million people pass through it on a daily basis, whether they are employees or tourists residing inside and outside Istanbul, especially in the days of summer and mild weather, and this has been called this The name is due to the occurrence of marine customs , The Secretariat of the Customs during the Ottoman era, and it means Eminonu to the Secretary, means the Secretariat which is characterized by customs.

Sultan Ahmed Mosque “Blue Mosque”:

Sultan Ahmed Mosque is distinguished by its decoration with a carpet of the largest tulip in the world, which consists of 545 thousand flowers, and its area is about one thousand and 262 square meters, and the mosque fascinates everyone with its large size, wonderful and luxurious designs, and it is considered one of the most beautiful mosques in the world countries and not only Turkey It is also one of the most famous Islamic monuments in the world, and the mosque is admired by many Turks, tourists, Arabs or foreigners, and it is called the Blue Mosque, and the mosque is located in Sultanahmet Square in the old town, although it is the most important and famous tourist attraction in Istanbul is also an active open mosque Gate worshipers in every prayer five times, and Friday prayers and Taraweeh prayers in the holy month of Ramadan, has been built this mosque nin two years 1018 to 1020 AH, and after being asked to assume power after the death of the Ottoman Sultan by the architect Mehmet Fatih Agha to build the mosque and Islamic complex.

The most important tourist places in Sultanahmet:

  • Topkapi Palace:

There are many tourist places in Istanbul, the most important of which is “Topkapi Palace”, or the High Gate, as it is called a lot, and that palace was the seat of government for the Ottoman Empire from 1465 to 1853, and then the palace was used as an administrative center for the Ottoman Empire for 400 years. From its history until it spanned 600 years, this palace was inhabited by the sultans in the Ottoman era, and more than 4000 people resided in it. The Topkapi Palace was opened for a visit to tourists and it was described as a museum in 1924 AD, as for the sections that were opened for the visit are The Six Domes, Majidiya Palace, Exhibition Room, Hakim Pasha Chamber, and Mustafa Pasha Palace And the Baghdad Palace, which made him attract many tourists groups, and became a top tourist attraction, in addition to the State of UNESCO, which included it on the list of high monuments, and in the present the palace is open as a museum for visitors.

  • Tanker with a blanket:

One of the most tourist places is a tank seen by the Battan, which was built in the sixth century AD, and may be located 150 meters southwest of Hagia Sophia, in the Sultanahmet area, and the most important feature of it is its fullness in water and fish, and inside it there is a luxurious restaurant and serves delicious seafood, and is considered One of the most important tourist places in the Sultanahmet area, it was previously a cathedral and then a mosque and now it has become a museum located in Istanbul.

  • Closed market:

The closed and Egyptian markets are considered one of the most important archaeological markets that characterize the Sultan Ahmed area, and the closed market is one of the largest and oldest popular markets in Istanbul, and it is one of the most tourist attractions that attract visitors to it. It is located in the Beyazit area, and thousands of visitors visit it daily.



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