Sultan Ayoub Istanbul is one of the most important distinctive Istanbul restaurants that tops the lists of tourism plans in Istanbul by Arab visitors.

Because the culture of food in Istanbul occupies a large area of ​​interest to tourists, Ayub Sultan’s historical restaurant has managed to draw a distinctive character among its competitors from the restaurants in the Ayub Istanbul region.

It provides a varied menu of dishes and elegant services that won the approval of a large number of its visitors, and therefore it will be the focus of this article.

Sultan Ayoub Istanbul Restaurant is one of the most famous restaurants of Sultan Ayoub Istanbul.

Food famous for serving Sultan Ayub Istanbul

The menu of this restaurant is famous for all kinds of distinctive traditional Turkish cuisine, which varies between pastries, sandwiches, grills, and delicious Turkish sweets.

Ayoub Sultan Historical Restaurant is one of the restaurants that serve traditional Turkish meals.

Sultan Ayub Historical Restaurant menu

The menu of Ayoub Sultan Historical Restaurant varies, providing a distinguished menu of the best dishes, including the following:

The menu starts with the main dishes of the fattah with its various kinds, meat, chicken, and tastes, as well as you can choose a side dish like it next to the various salads.

There is also a variety of sandwiches and pastries that are cooked in the traditional Turkish way and in a way that distinguishes Sultan Ayoub Restaurant.

In addition to the grill, which is added to it special spices, and various sweets, which won the admiration of all visitors to the restaurant, foreigners and people of the country.

Historic Sultan Ayub Restaurant Istanbul diversifies in serving grilled dishes and pastries.

Opening hours at the historic Sultan Ayub Restaurant Istanbul

Daily from 8:00 in the morning until 12:00 in the middle of the night.

Sultan Ayoub Istanbul Restaurant Reviews

Ayoub Restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Istanbul, especially Sultan Ayoub, which has received a variety of reviews between excellent and very good.

Especially in the great view, the professionalism of the staff, the central location, the quality of the food, and the low prices compared to other restaurants in the same area.

Sultan Ayub Istanbul restaurant received very good and excellent reviews.

Attractions near Ayoub Sultan Historical Restaurant

The restaurant is 140 meters from the companion Abi Ayoub, and the tomb of Minister Mirman Agha is 900 meters away, 6.7 km from Lalali Mosque.

Ayoub Sultan Historical Restaurant is located in the famous Ayoub area and near a number of tourist places.

Hotels near Sultan Ayub Istanbul Restaurant

Al Ansari Ayoub Hotel Suites is one of the best Istanbul hotels, 270 meters from Sultan Ayoub Restaurant

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The hotel received very good reviews from the Arab visitors in terms of staff performance, location, cleanliness, and comfort.

Hotel reservation

The Elegant Istanbul Hotel is one of the best Istanbul hotels in Sultan Ayub, 800 meters from the restaurant.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The hotel rated very well by Arab visitors in both location, staff performance, and comfort.

Hotel reservation

Ayoub Sultan’s historical restaurant site

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