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sunset Beach

Sunset Beach Resort is a resort with a five-star rank, and it is one of the most important five-star resorts and high-level residential units in the city of Al Khobar in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The resort is located south of Al Khobar, a few minutes away when driving, and the resort extends over an area of ​​550,000 m 2 distributed It has many parks and beaches, and the sunset beach is 1.5 km long, overlooking the Arabian Gulf and the Sea of ​​Azizia. Sunset Beach Resort combines high-end residential units and spas that help one to relax and unwind; to get rid of the burdens of life between the vast green gardens that are in harmony with the blue water, and the wonderful designs that attract visitors to it, the resort also contains many restaurants distinguished for its delicious food, and in it There are also conference rooms, meetings, and events, and there are places for recreational activities and marine games, and whether the visitor intends the sunset beach resort for work or luxury, it will enjoy the highest level of services at various levels.

Residential units at sunset beach resort

Sunset Beach Resort includes 251 luxury and spacious residential units, each of which accommodates all family members and guests, and rents of residential units may be daily or annual, and these housing units are:

  • Chalets: As Sunset Beach Resort contains many chalets that are specially designed to provide all the reasons for luxury and recreation, the chalets are divided into three types, each consisting of two floors, and consists of two, three or four bedrooms, and each of them has a large sitting room and dining room, and also contains a large Each of them is on a large balcony on the ground floor, where it connects to the living room, and there is a private bathroom for each room, and there is a special room for the driver, a special room for escorts, and landscapes are available depending on the location of the chalet, it may be overlooking the Sea of ​​Aziziyah, or the Persian Gulf, or on Inland lake.
  • Cabana units: They are residential units overlooking the beach; for the visitor to enjoy a unique and attractive view of the beach full of golden sand. Cabana units are designed for daily use and weekends and offer many facilities, including the presence of an air-conditioner inside, a furnished sitting room, bathroom, in addition to the presence of A kitchenette, dining table, and a small refrigerator. There is also a TV, an outside balcony, 24-hour internet access and access to a sandy beach.
  • UNO units: They are residential units that enjoy a high level of quality, and through which one can enjoy the view of the sunset, and through which they can enjoy the lights of the city of Khobar that are reflected on the water, whether it is the waters of the Aziziyah Sea or the waters of the Arabian Gulf, and in every residential unit UNO there is a living room There is a large dining room, and there is a kitchen in the basement, there is a private bathroom for each room, and there is an external balcony on each floor, and there is a large balcony on the ground floor, and this balcony is connected to the living room.
  • Beach Villas: They are villas located on the beaches and surround the resort, and provide many high-end services that give one the ability to relax and relax from the hustle and bustle of the city and the pressures of life.

Luxury at sunset beach resort

Sunset Beach Resort provides the finest places for recreation and fitness and health provided and sponsored by fitness professionals, it is located in Sunset Beach Pearl Spa, which is an engineered place to take privacy into account for all affiliate members, and also takes into account Saudi culture that includes a private beach for women and a luxury spa It offers special sessions for skin and body care, and women can spend a relaxing day between the indoor pool, outdoor pool and Jacuzzi, and the Pearl Spa opens seven days a week except Friday from nine in the morning until eleven in the evening .
The Sunset Beach Resort has a club for men, which is a luxury sports club that includes two rooms for sauna and steam, and offers a wide range of high-level sporting activities, as well as sports halls and distinct pools, and the club provides members with many food programs and special exercises that ensure members effective results and a healthy life And the club is open seven days a week except for Friday from ten in the morning until eleven in the evening.


Sunset Beach Resort contains a group of restaurants that offer many delicious foods, and are of a high degree of quality. Whether served in the same restaurant or at the property, the service of these restaurants is at the highest levels.

Events and conferences

Sunset Beach Resort includes many services that are provided to support all types of events, whether it is a celebration for launching a new product, conferences, exhibitions, or special celebrations, where support and the best options are provided to customers, as for the conference halls and events that the resort includes Sunset Beach is large and vast, and can accommodate up to 250 people. It is also equipped with the latest equipment, sound and lighting technologies, etc., and it is also equipped with parking lots. Among the halls that are included are the Galleon Hall, the Sunset Hall, and the Sunset Center, in addition to the green square in the Families Park.

Marina and water sports

Sunset Beach Resort includes a seaport that is equipped with all modern technologies and maritime security means necessary for visitors to enjoy their daily marine trips, fishing and any other water sports, it is worth noting that the resort’s seaport is equipped with devices to monitor very high frequencies in accordance with international safety standards And, there is a security team dedicated to the port to maintain the safety of visitors and residents, as it provides the information necessary to assist them in any matter, and meet their needs.
The marina at Sunset Beach includes more than 100 berths that are sufficient for yachts of 37 meters each, and each berth can accommodate about 40 boats and a bike length of 12 meters as a maximum, and there is also a dry place that accommodates about 100 boats, and the marina contains many Things that facilitate visitors and provide them with the necessary services, such as the presence of a hydro-fuel station, and what distinguishes them is that they operate around the clock, and provide fuel, oil and other yachting supplies, and there is also a coast guard station inside the marina, and this station operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and there are sources For drinking water and electricity at each water berth.
At every point there is a telephone device, there are also special devices for lifting boats, there are houses for boats and water bicycles, and a special service is provided to clean the boats from inside and outside, and there is a radio for marine surveillance, as well as providing instant information about the weather and schedules for navigation, and a special crew is available with experience To ensure that individuals enjoy the various marine activities that take place, the rescue team is a professional team, and is always ready for any emergency.


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