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The best time for tourism in Sweden

The period between May and September is the best time to visit Sweden, as the weather during this period is warm, and the days are long, and the natural beauty of the country is highlighted, and the climate of Sweden is characterized by a moderate climate in general, with the exception of the northern regions of it, and in return it may avoid Some visitors visit Sweden in the summer, in order to avoid the peak tourist time, and there are some people who prefer winter sports, such as: skiing.

Sweden attractions

Royal palace

The royal palace (in Swedish: Kungliga Slottet) was built on the ruins of the Tre Kronor castle, which was burned in 1697 AD, and was designed by the architect Nicodemus Tessin, and it took construction until 57 years to complete, and it includes Many highlights include: Karl XI Gallery, and Queen Christina’s throne.

Vasa Museum

This museum is a museum dedicated to the display of the huge ship Vasa, which has a length of 69 m and a height of 48.8 m, where Sweden’s pride was when it embarked on its first voyage on the tenth of the month of August of 1628 AD, where the heavyweight ship collided within minutes of She set off and sank at the bottom of Saltsjohn and the people on board.

Drottningholm Palace

This palace is a house of His Majesty the King and Queen of Sweden, and it includes only one wing closed to visitors, and sometimes lies the vision of His Majesty the King and Queen walking within the palace in the remaining sections open to visitors.

Stockholm Archipelago

With more than 30,000 islands, the Stockholm Archipelago boasts a beautiful tranquility and can be explored by ferry or sailing boat rental.

Photography Museum

It is considered one of the largest photography museums in the world, and it specializes in modern photography. It holds four major exhibitions and 20 small exhibitions every year. It also houses a beautiful café on the upper floor that gives the visitor the opportunity to see wonderful views.


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