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Sweden is one of the largest European cities for tourism, as it is an important destination for lovers of travel and tourism, due to its rapid growth in the tourism and travel sector, as it is visited by millions of tourists annually, because it includes many distinct monuments, as Sweden has all the ingredients Basic tourism, including markets, wilderness areas, recreational places, restaurants, many civilized areas, and many historical buildings where architecture, the presence of large areas of greenery and open water, and here for Arab travelers now program for a perfect vacation in Sweden.

Some tips before traveling to Sweden:

  • Get used to coffee, due to Sweden’s reputation as one of the most coffee-consuming countries in the world.
  • Speak English as most of the locals are fluent in English.
  • It always depends on a small device to distribute numbers to buyers from stores, pharmacies, doctors ’clinics, grocery stores, and tax offices, so be patient.
  • Buy all supplies and needs before five o’clock in the evening, because most shops close their doors early.
  • Most foods, such as spices, mayonnaise and caviar, are placed in tubes.
  • Most companies in Sweden shut down in July.
  • Take off your shoes before entering homes in Sweden, as a sign of respect for the sanctity of the home.
  • Adherence to dates, regardless of circumstances.
  • Maintaining plastic bags, as Sweden is one of the most environmentally friendly countries in the world.
  • It is possible to drink water from the tap, as the water is very clean and very cold, in order to save money and not need to buy mineral water.

Sweden’s Best Tourist Program:

First day:

This day began in the northern European sky that is characterized by heavy clouds and clouds, then arrive at Arland Airport in the capital, Stockholm, then take a taxi or take a bus to reach the hotel, to take a break and pay an amount in the hotel and arrange tools at the hotel, and after taking a break time can go down to explore The area surrounding the hotel and get to know its features, sit at any of the cafes and enjoy some time.

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the second day:

This day will begin early to go to the city center and take a tour to explore its features, where the Stockholm Palace, which is the royal palace of the ruler of Sweden, includes this palace for about 608 rooms, then visit the medieval Gamala Stan area and it is characterized by ancient historical buildings that surround it everywhere, such as a palace Oxnysterna, Reeda Huset Palace and Thyssen Palace, look at the Court Theater which is the oldest European theater, and visit the Drottningholm Palace this royal family palace to learn about the way of life of the kings in Sweden.

the third day:

This day begins with a visit to the parliament building and a visit to the cathedral, and then a visit to the Noderk Museum, which was founded in the late 19th century and is located on the island of central Stockholm, and to go to the island of Djurgarden From small villas and many restaurants.

the fourth day:

Going out for walks in Mills Garden is this quiet place full of wonderful bronze sculptures where relaxation, and then it is time to see Stockho in a different way, after visiting Sky View, which is the largest spherical building in the world with a height of 130 meters above sea level, then taking a wonderful cruise in the archipelago Stockholum, where the wonderful landscape and delicious local and marine dishes.

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The fifth day:

This day will be a more than wonderful trip, in which the golden villages of Sweden that follow the city of Stockholm will be visited, and the trip will start to the village of Foxholm, which is a small village on the shores of the sea and is the sea entrance to Stockholm, then visit Vera to see the royal castles that are still Now holding, and finally visiting the village of Nortagel, which is the capital of Swedish traditional industries, and then returning to the hotel.
the sixth day:
This day will begin with a trip to the ancient Vikings villages where the depth of history is to see their villages and ships and the nature of the Vikings life on a more than wonderful journey, and the rest of the day will be a free time in which to roam or shop.

the seventh day:

It will be a special day, as you will be going to Smolland’s forests to visit the Crystal Kingdom, which is one of the most important tourist places in Sweden, and which attracts many tourists to visit each year. The most prominent places that can be visited is the Crystal Kingdom, which is a number of 11 glass workshops, which allow visitors to learn about the glass industry.

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Day Eight:

And today, the Lapland region will be the intended destination, where to enjoy the scenic nature and see the mountains with high peaks descending glaciers from them, and see the meadows in the northern part of the country and enjoy the pine forests, and there is also a beautiful design ice hotel that provides guests with wonderful carriages That the deer pulls.

Day 9:

It will be visited the island of Gotland, which is one of the ideal destinations for tourists throughout the year, and which includes many highlights such as the city of Visby, one of the most beautiful islands classified by UNESCO as a World Heritage List as a unique historical environment.

Day 10:

They will head to Dalarna, one of Sweden’s most famous regions, which is famous for its handicraft industries. On the 20th of June, the town will witness a celebration of the Midsummer Day.

the last day:

This is the last day when we will go to the airport and look farewell to Sweden, the town of originality and beauty.

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