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Your guide on the Swiss Museum, Geneva, and the best places for tourism in Switzerland. Who among us does not want to know the history of a country like Switzerland, known for its beauty, elegance, and the splendor of nature in it? The Swiss National Museum conveys to you a first-hand experience, vital to the history of the country, the various eras that it passed through, and the currencies that have been used throughout history in addition to a lot of important information that you will only find in the vast edges of this monumental edifice.

Swiss Museum Geneva:

The Swiss National Museum in Geneva is one of the most important tourist attractions in Switzerland at all, and it includes both the museum itself in addition to the massive Swiss castle and the State History Forum, and many impressive Swiss artifacts are displayed from the opening of the museum, and to this day, which attracts a number Massive of tourists from everywhere in order to know the country’s history, the ages it lived, the identity of the citizens, and how, they reached the economic prosperity that they are experiencing today.

Information about the Swiss National Museum:

  • The museum is the embodiment of the greatness of the country’s history in addition to the various arts that it has contemporary, and it contains many statues made of limestone, which are still standing today.
  • The Swiss National Museum was established in 1898 AD with the design of Gustave Norse, who was a fan of the French chateau.
  • The museum includes many impressive monuments, such as a turret, many statues, sculptures made of wood, expressive of religion, and a mass in the Middle Ages, in addition to many coins that were used in Switzerland through different times.
  • Once you visit the Swiss National Museum at first sight, you will notice the armor and clothing they wore during the war, while riding horses in an early form of Gothic design, which is what distinguishes this museum from most of the museums in Switzerland.

Things to do at the Swiss National Museum:

  • Tourists can walk around the museum either alone, and see an explanation of everything in the museum or with a tour guide as the museum allows you to provide a tour guide service for a fee.
  • As you move around the museum, you will feel that you are floating around in periods of time from prehistoric times to the old times, the middle times of the last century, until modern contemporary art, which began in the 16th century and proved its efficiency in the 18th century. The museum contains sculptures , And graphics from different times.
  • For horsemanship, you will find complete sets of statues made of liturgical wood in addition to the needs of the old knight, and the tools he used. The museum also contains a special warehouse for the weapon that was used in the past in addition to many Swiss furnishings.
  • You can visit the Swiss castle in order to know the history of the country, and it contains many ancient and historical monuments, and in addition to all this, access to the museum is very easy, as it mediates the city of Zurich if you take the main train station.
  • As for the establishment of the Swiss National Museum, it has survived for more than a hundred years, and revolve around it many legends that express the pride of the Swiss in it is due to a very old time age, and embodies how the citizen lived in the past, the differences between each generation, and his generation, and the ideas that he was thinking Man, and seeks it in every era.
  • The Swiss National Museum visit dates:

    • The Swiss National Museum can be visited on Saturday, Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. The museum does not open on Monday.
    • For days between Tuesday and Sunday, it can be visited from ten in the morning, until five in the afternoon.
    • On Thursday, it can be visited from ten in the morning, until seven in the evening.

    Swiss museum entry fee:

  • For adults CHF 10
  • For children under the age of sixteen, entrance to the museum is free. Encouragement from the state for children to love art, architecture and pride in the country’s history.
    • For the museum phone: 41584666511
    • For the museum site: [email protected] www.landesmuseum.ch
    • Swiss National Museum address: Landesmuseum
      Museumstrasse 2
      8001 visitors
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