Sydney Harbor Bridge

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Sydney Harbor Bridge

Sydney is the second most important city after the Australian capital Canberra in Australia, and it is considered one of the most important international tourist cities, and one of the most prominent landmarks of this city: the Opera House, Jackson Port, the largest natural port in the world, and the arched bridge, which is the Sydney Harbor Bridge, and in English the Harbor Bridge And, this bridge is located in the county of South Wales in Australia, and extends from the city center to the north shore, crossing Jackson Port, and is located near the opera house. This bridge is classified as the sixth longest arc-shaped bridge in the world.

The form of Sydney Harbor Bridge

The total length of the bridge is one thousand one hundred and forty nine meters, and extends from the Dawes point to the Millsons point, and its width is forty nine meters, and the height of one hundred and thirty four meters, and the bridge mediates an important part which is the arc, which reaches five hundred and three meters, and the height is thirteen meters above The surface of the sea.

The bridge contains eight tracks dedicated to crossing cars and trucks, two pedestrian paths, and two railway tracks for railways.

Sydney Harbor Bridge construction stages

Bridge design

The idea of ​​building the bridge, in fulfillment of the desire of the New South County government, to build a bridge linking the east coast to the mad coast of the port, and that was in the year 1880 inviting engineer Ralph Freeman to design the bridge, and he made the necessary designs and the idea remained pending study, and it was rejected in Parliament twice.

Approved in 1922 AD, he did the designs as mentioned by Ralph Freeman, who was working as a consultant in the English company Dorman Lounge & Company, and the designs were approved by the Australian engineer GCC, the name that the highway on the bridge in his honor.

Building the bridge

The construction of the bridge began on July 28, 1923AD, and was completed on January 19, 1932 CE; that is, construction continued for nine consecutive years, and the bridge was opened for crossing on March 19, 1932, and the construction cost is approximately twenty million dollars. .

Within nine years, the arches were built in 1928 and continued for two years. Each arch ends with a pair of concrete pillars that rise to 89 meters in length. These columns cover a granite facade.

In the year 1931 AD, the towers were built on the arches, and they consist of twenty-eight constellations or pillars that differ in height, as they rise from the beginning of the arc from a length of 57 meters, and in the center they reach a height of 18 meters, and at the end of the arc the height of the towers becomes 57 meters, and it is added that Sydney Harbor Bridge is made of solid steel, accounting for 79% of the bridge’s construction.


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