Over time, nature has painted the beautiful features of the island, where steep cliffs carved into the sea or in valleys with marble walls and tropical forests that will be just the starting point of a journey full of surprises.

In Taiwan you can cross the Alps that go up to more than 3,952 meters on the hiking trails of colonial era or by going to the highway accompanied by the shores of the Pacific Ocean on one side of the road and green volcanic arches on the other side, you will also find landscapes Classic in every corner of the island.

Taiwan offers a wide range of Chinese cuisine, as well as some of the best Japanese dishes. It is also famous for fish, especially Tainan. The night markets around the island provide continuous celebrations of food, such as tofu, dumplings, oyster omelets and shrimp rolls, as well as a variety of distinctive local fruit juices and aromatic teas, as you will be able to taste the best coffees in Asia.

Taiwan inherited the entire Chinese tradition, and people throughout the ages have been able to blend their culture in a special way that expresses the forgiveness and love in which they live, as there are many amazing temples where you find it a place of worship and happiness and a house that displays the finest types of art, in Taiwan only you will find mosaic art Three-dimensional.

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