Tallinn is present in any country, Tallinn or the Red Castle or Rafal, one of the oldest capitals in the northern European, and one of the largest cities in the Republic of Estonia, Tallinn is classified as a world city in the list of World Heritage issued by UNESCO, and in the year two thousand and eleven was a center of European culture It is also one of the most important industrial and commercial centers thanks to its possession of an important commercial port, and it is distinctive that it includes a large number of buildings and picturesque castles that fascinate you by looking at them, so let us now take you on a journey that we get to know about this city in detail through today’s article on Arab travelers, Follow us.

Tallinn is present in any country

  • Tallinn is located in the northwest of the Republic of Estonia, which is located in the north of the continent of Europe, specifically in the Baltic Sea. Tallinn also overlooks the southern coast of Finland, and is bounded to the east by the city of Stockholm.
  • The history of its discovery dates back to the traveler Muhammad Al-Idrisi, who added it on the map of the world, describing it as a huge castle located in Icelandic cities, named after Lindansa by the Scandinavians, and it is said that her name is derived from the name of the wife of a legendary king named Kalif.

Population of the city of Tallinn

  • Besides the city’s indigenous population, Tallinn includes a large proportion of Russians, Ukrainians, and Finns, as well as other ethnicities.
  • According to the latest census carried out on the population present there, it exceeded four hundred thousand people in 2012.
  • The Estonian language is the official language of the country, but the Russian language is also widely spread.

Tallinn City Economy

  • Although she was subjected to many crises and wars, which affected her greatly, especially after she was bombed in the Second World War, she survived all this and managed to have a strong and developed economy.
  • As the city relied on an interest in information and communication technology, it launched Skype, which allows video calls to be made through the use of the Internet, making it easy for many people to communicate with others in any country in the world.
  • In its economy, Tallinn also depends on the manufacture of foodstuffs, spinning and weaving, and light bulbs, as is Ericsson, which is one of the largest mobile phone manufacturers.
  • And do not forget that Tallinn has a large seaport, which helped her to be one of the strongest economic countries.

Climate Tallinn

  • The view of the city of Tallinn affected the coast on its climate, so its climate became very humid continental. .

Tourism in Tain

  • Tourism is one of the most important components of the economy in Tallinn, where more than one million tourists visit it every year, because it has many tourist attractions, such as the open museum, the marine museum, the zoo, and other archaeological sites, such as the palaces that were built after the Second World War.
  • However, one of the things that is known about Tallinn is the high prices, which causes tourists not to buy many things from them.

Festivals of Tallinn

  • In November of each year, the city celebrates a festival called “Black Nights Festival”, as well as an ice festival, a fireworks festival, as well as a music festival, in addition to the markets held by Tallinn to celebrate New Year’s Day.

Education in Tallinn

Tallinn contains many major educational institutions, education is not limited to a specific field, but it is also interested in the curriculum, interested in teaching its children arts, culture, music and theater.
Among the most important educational institutions in it:

  • University of Tallinn.
  • Tallinn University of Technology.
  • The National Institute of Biophysics and Chemical.
  • The Divinity Church Institute.
  • Naval academy.
  • Business school.
  • School of Music and Theater.
  • Art Academy.
  • Security Science School.


  • Tallinn provides buses to transport residents and tourists to any place in it, in exchange for a cheap ride ticket for those who are not residents of the city, while citizens are allowed to use it for free.
  • A few kilometers from the city center is the Tallinn Airport, which enables you to move to the capitals near Tallinn, or to other countries.

And so our journey ends today in Tallinn, the country of industry and beauty, on the promise of another trip in a new country with the following article.

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