Temperatures in the world

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Temperatures around the world differ according to the different locations on the surface of the globe, as this difference mainly affects the difference in the nature of life, the size of the population, and the nature of activities that can be practiced in different regions of the earth. Temperatures are considered one of the most important factors affecting humans, which may It affects his health, and perhaps his mood as well.

Scientists and specialists have been interested in studying the weather conditions in the various regions of the earth, and determining the temperature therein, in the belief of the great role that the region’s weather and climate play in human life. Below are some details about the diversity of temperatures around the world.

Temperatures in the world

The difference in temperature between the countries of the world and its different regions is due to the variation in the amount of solar radiation that reaches it, in addition to the difference in the heights of the regions from the sea surface, and the temperature is also affected by the angle of solar radiation fall, so the closer the angle is to the vertical, the greater the amount of solar radiation That reaches the ground.

In addition to the foregoing, the difference in sunrise has a great effect on the difference in temperature around the world, as these aspirations travel between orbitals: cancer and Capricorn. When the sunlight falls over the course of the cancer perpendicularly, summer enters the northern hemisphere, and when the sun begins Moving towards the south little by little until it is perpendicular to the orbit of Capricorn in the south, this marks the beginning of winter in the north, and summer in the south.

From here it can be said that the region between the two orbits is considered one of the most regions of the globe receiving solar radiation throughout the year, and it can also be said that the regions located in the far north of the globe, or in the far south are where the temperatures drop to the lower limits, In the tropics, temperatures rise to the upper limits.

Some countries of the world are distinguished from others by being very cold, and perhaps the most prominent of these countries are Estonia, Finland, Mongolia, Greenland, Iceland, and some regions of the United States of America, Canada, Kazakhstan, Russia, and Antarctica, whose average temperatures are estimated at about ninety nine Almost below zero.

Among the countries that are known for their high temperatures are: Ethiopia, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Bahrain, Jamaica, Vietnam, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar, which in some areas may touch the temperature of the 50 ° C barrier, in addition to the high humidity that may reach Sometimes to ninety percent. Among the most famous regions that are characterized by moderate temperatures, and the beauty of their weather, those areas surrounding the Mediterranean Sea, and in particular the Levant region.


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