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Samui island

The island of Samui is the most popular destination for honeymooning in Thailand, as the island contains many beautiful beaches that can be visited, in addition to that the interior of it is characterized by abundant coconut trees and soft sloping hills. You can visit Angthong National Marine Park which is A few hours by boat, in addition to the possibility of several activities such as rowing and diving, and the island is also a place of relaxation, due to the numerous resorts and places of yoga.

Phuket Island

Phuket Island is characterized by being the largest island in Thailand and most famous for honeymooning, as it includes many beautiful beaches, and distinctive religious structures, in addition to the possibility of many activities inside and outside the water. The road made of pink buildings is an opportunity to take beautiful photos.

Island in in

The Phi Phi Islands are located in Thailand specifically in the western strait of Malacca, and the largest island in the group is known as Koh Phi Phi Don which is one of the most popular tourist destinations for marine recreational activities such as diving and diving, as these islands are characterized by its picturesque beauty, and this is why it is visited by many Tourists annually.

Krabi Island

Krabi Island is considered isolated but no less beautiful or romantic than the Phuket and Samui islands, where it is characterized by cliffs, clear water, and the relative calm that makes it a tourist destination for couples. It is also possible to visit Riley Beach which can be reached only by boat, which is the ideal place for holidays romantic.

Koh Smit Island

Koh Smit Island is located near Bangkok, and despite its smallness, it attracts many visitors throughout the year. The most famous attractions on the island are Koh Smit National Park. Many beaches that spread around the island can be visited such as Haad Sai Kaew Beach and Ao Phai, considered to be one of the busiest beaches, as it offers many, varied food and drink options.

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