Thailand Islands

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Fei Fei Islands

The Phi Phi Islands group is located within Phuket Island, to the western side of the Strait of Malacca, and these islands are famous for their stunning natural scenery, and the Bay of Maya is the most beautiful region in these islands, and the tourists who are in it can learn about its picturesque nature by participating in exploratory tours including what takes a day One of them, which extends for several days, is also abundant in water sports activities such as diving, diving, and other activities such as fishing and climbing.

Ko Adang Island

Ko Adang Island is located within the Tarotao Marine National Park and is the largest island in the park by area, with a length of about four miles, while its width reaches about three miles, and it is an uninhabited island, which preserved the beauty of natural life in it. Visitors to the island enjoy its white sandy beaches, see its scenic landscapes such as waterfalls, walk in the paths designated for hiking, and despite the huts provided by the administration of the island’s national park for its visitors, their stay in the island should not exceed today.

Koh Lanta

It is located near Phuket Island, but it differs from it in its nature by being a quiet and low-noise island, and its local residents managed to preserve the nature of their lives and their culture compared to other islands, and the island contains a long beach known for its fine sand and deep waters, which made it the most important tourist destination for those wishing Swimming and recreation.

Koh Lipe Island

The island is located in the western side of Thailand, and is known for its small size, and it is completely free of vehicles except for a few motorcycles. Visitors to this island can enjoy calmness and safe swimming in its shallow waters.

Koh Samui

The island is located in the eastern side of the Gulf of Thailand, and despite the large size of the island, it is crowded, due to the fact that it contains many resorts, clubs and beaches, yet its visitors can get some calm in the areas away from the crowds.


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