Visiting Istiklâl Caddesi Street is the most wonderful opportunity to experience a unique life in Istanbul in its most vibrant form, especially as it is located in the most famous area of ​​Istanbul which is Taksim Istanbul
Istiklal Street is the most famous and crowded tourist place in Istanbul and the most important tourist streets of Istanbul, where it can be compared to Fifth Avenue or Oxford Street London in terms of its reputation and national importance, as this long street includes stores with all the products imaginable, along with cafes and the best Istanbul restaurants And it is also filled with live music and cinemas, which makes it one of the most important tourist places in Istanbul for young people, and it includes a group of the best markets in Istanbul.
During the article, we shed light on the most important activities that you can do in Istiklal Street Istanbul, day and night, in addition to the best Istanbul hotels nearby.

Istanbul hotels Taksim Istiklal Street

One of the most luxurious stays in Istanbul hotels is the division of Istiklal Street, according to the reviews of the Arab guests, and for the many hotels in it, we have collected for you some of the best … Read more

Istanbul Istiklal Street

The 10 best activities you can do on Istiklal Street in Istanbul

• The tour starts in Turkey, Istiklal Street from Taksim Square, which is the beating heart of Istanbul and the vital center for any national celebrations or demonstrations in this field. You can see the statue of Ataturk, the founder of the Turkish state in the middle of the field.

Where is Istiklal Street located in Istanbul[email protected]

• Explore the statue of Independence or the memorial that stands in Taksim Square, which is a true reflection of the war of independence waged by the Turks, and comes to visit this statue about 3 million visitors daily.

Istiklal Street, Istanbul[email protected]

• Top of the list of activities is the visit of the Çiçek Pasji Istanbul Flower Pass, a famous historical corridor that contains many cafes and restaurants.
These passages were originally a theater destroyed in a fire after the Russian Revolution, and Russian women previously sold flowers in this passage. Therefore, it was called a “flower passage”. You can enjoy wandering in the passage or sitting down and enjoy a meal or drink under its vaulted ceiling.

Istanbul Istiklal Street[email protected]

• You cannot visit Al-Istiklal without going through the Galata Museum of Dervish Shows that was built in honor of the celebration held by the famous Dervish Group in Turkey. The museum contains many artifacts and documents from the twentieth century.

Istiklal Street, Istanbul, at night[email protected]

• One of the most attractive places for visitors in Turkey, Istanbul, Istiklal Street, especially those who are keen to know the past of Istanbul is the Pandora Library, it is one of the rare places to store the mothers of books, in which you can find the best-selling books in the world in both Turkish and English languages, along with maps, travel books and books On Ottoman and Turkish history.
Don’t miss the fun of exploring Istiklal Street in Istanbul at night while riding the old red tram and exploring its magnificence, as well as shopping and buying souvenirs from Istiklal Street stores in Istanbul.

Where is Istiklal Street located in Istanbul[email protected]

• You can enjoy lunch in the best restaurants of Istiklal Street, Istanbul, as it has wide fame and standing as the restaurants vary between expensive and cheap, and there are restaurants devoted to well-known Turkish sweets.

Istiklal Street shops in Istanbul

Watch the magnificence of architectural design in antiquity by exploring the Church of Sant Antoni from Padova, which is on the street, where it was designed in the magnificent Venetian Gothic style.

Turkey Istanbul Istiklal Street

• Enjoy watching talented paintings on the walls where Istanbul Istiklal Street is famous for its photography, drawing and graffiti along streets and alleys, as this is the perfect place to get special shots of daily life in Istanbul.
• Visit the famous Pera Museum, which has many impressive international and local exhibits, located in the heart of Istiklal Street, Turkey.

Istiklal Street, Turkeypackagetoursturkey

• One minute away from Istiklal Street, you can visit the Galatasaray Hammam and enjoy an unforgettable Turkish bath, or you can get to know in more depth the history and civilization of Istanbul by visiting Istanbul Museum of Modern Art or Istanbul Wax Museum which are located near the street, and you can also pass a street The famous Taksim, and the magnificent Galata Tower.

Istiklal Street shops in Istanbul

Istiklal Street includes the division of a large group of the best shops to sell many personal needs of clothes, shoes, bags and watches, so we collected the best of these stores .. Read more

Where is Istiklal Street located in Istanbul

Best restaurants, Istiklal Street, Istanbul

The street includes a group of the finest restaurants that offer cuisine inspired by the international and Turkish cuisine, which may make you confuse which one to eat your food, so we collected for you the best of these restaurants that have the highest ratings by Arab visitors .. Read more

Turkey Istiklal Street

Where is Istiklal Street located in Istanbul

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