Germany is one of the most beautiful countries in the European Union, and it occupies an advanced position globally in all fields, whether education, health, economy or tourism, and Germany has a charming view from the north on the North Sea and the Baltic Sea, and shares the rest of its borders with other European countries.
Germany is home to famous public figures such as Hitler, Albert Einstein and others, and museums have been set up that includes their personal belongings and manuscripts that tell about their influence in German history. The country also has a large number of entertainment centers, open gardens and tourist attractions that make tourism in Germany a truly unique experience.

Best hotels in Germany

There are many different accommodations in Germany that provide all the services and activities that guests need, and in the following report we present our nominations for the best hotels in German cities .. Read more

Best hotels in Germany

Germany’s tourist beaches

Germany has a variety of charming beaches and islands, and in the following lines we take you on a quick leisure trip to the best beaches in Germany

Alpeck Beach

This beach is located on the island of Usedom, which separates Germany and Poland, and is characterized by its white sands and purity of its water, as well as providing various recreational activities such as cycling, horseback riding with water facilities and hot baths, and therefore it is one of the most beautiful beaches of Germany

The most beautiful beaches of Germany

Rugen beaches

Rugen Island is the largest island in Germany and possesses a wonderful group of beaches as it is the most sunny place in the country. The island’s coastline reaches 37 miles of white sand and various services with a promenade for strolling and chairs to stretch and relax

Beaches in Germany

Westerland Beach, Sylt Island

Westerland Beach is located on the western coast of Sylt Island and is considered one of the most beautiful beaches of Germany with the testimony of its visitors.

Germany's tourist beaches

Hiddensee Beach

This island is characterized by its relative calm, due to the fact that it is free of cars, and the island’s beaches are characterized by purity and sand by smoothness, and its waters are not deep, which makes them suitable for young people, the means used to travel the island either by foot or horse-drawn carriages.

Germany's beaches

Warnemunde Beach

It is a beach resort beach located in the village of Rostok and is ideal for a swimming pool, sunbathing, sailing and fishing. Festive beach festivals are held every spring that you can enjoy attending.

Beaches in Germany

Travemund Beach

It is one of the largest ports in Germany in addition to it has become an important beach destination in recent years, the beach provides the possibility to rent boats and yachts, as there is a beach lighthouse historical founded in the Middle Ages, and is held annually to celebrate the annual sailing week.

Beaches of tourism in Germany

Ostseebad Arincoop

This beach belongs to a peninsula directly overlooking the Baltic Sea and is distinguished by 9 miles of fine sand and clear blue water, in addition to the spread of private beach huts and chairs along the beach, which is one of the most beautiful beaches in Germany

Beaches of tourism in Germany

Sankt Peter-Ording

This beach is distinguished from other beaches in Germany by the spread of sulfur eyes in it, which are suitable for getting rid of bone pain, etc., and the summer vacationers benefit from the tides along the beach through sunbathing or enjoy flying kites.

Germany's tourist beaches

The shore of Lake Constance

One of the most beautiful and largest lakes in Germany, which attracts a large number of tourists for swimming, the lake extends 40 meters in length and is surrounded by the charming island of Landau as it is surrounded by Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Germany's tourist beaches

Kohlungsborn Beach

This beach is located in Rostock and is one of the best beaches in Germany to spend a fun recreational day. This beach overlooks the Baltic Sea and owns a group of charming trees, yachts and sailboats and offers a large number of activities and services.

Beautiful beaches of Germany

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