Sheila Turkey is a small town in the countryside of Istanbul that occupies the lion’s share of the city’s Black Sea coast and is classified as one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Istanbul, with its distinctive nature, pleasant mild climate and charming and pure beaches, with a number of ancient archaeological sites, popular markets and parks that provide charming panoramic views. On the Bosphorus
During the article, we review the site of the town of Sheila from Istanbul as one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Turkey located within its scope and one of the most important tourist areas in Istanbul with a set of the most important activities that can be done when visiting the town.

Sheila Turkey

Sheila Istanbul hotels

Sheila includes a group of the most beautiful hotels in Istanbul, not only with its level of services and facilities, but also with its quiet sea views of the Bosphorus water, providing the guest with the required recreation. The link includes the best hotels in Turkey, Sheila according to the reviews of its previous visitors ..

Sheila hotels Turkey

The best activities that can be done in the Sheila region of Turkey

The Sheila Istanbul area includes a number of the most beautiful tourist places, during which many activities can be carried out, such as:

Sheila Lighthouse

• Through her visit, you can get acquainted with its rich history in the field of maritime navigation and its strategic role over the centuries in protecting the shores of the Black Sea and in conducting trade traffic across the Bosphorus since the 19th century.
• You can also enjoy snapping the finest photos of the lighthouse and its surroundings, hiking or relaxing on one of the wooden boards available around.
• The roof of the lighthouse also provides you with a panoramic view of the spacious Bosphorus.

Sheila Istanbul

Plateau and Kom Baba Beach

• Through their visit, you can get to know and experience the most important and most famous medical attractions in the Sheila region in Turkey, relying on sand and hot mineral springs, the most famous of which is the cry of the crying rocks that release its water from among the rocks in what resembles human tears.
• You can also lie back in relaxation on the sandy beach of Kom Baba, ideal for nights camping and various water sports.

Sheila region in Turkey

Sheila Beach

• The town of Sheila Turkey owns a series of pure quiet and shallow beaches extending 60 km from the coast, where you can enjoy swimming or boat rides with the family, or relax in the presence of its clear waters, pleasant sun, golden sands, and huge rocks that settle on its banks or stand out between the waves by lying down Or stroll the sandy and rocky beaches of Sheila, or sit in one of the restaurants and cafes overlooking the sea.

Sheila region of Turkey

The effects of Sheila Beach Turkey

• With the purity of its sands, the purity of its waters, the consistency of its highlands and rocks, and its harmony with the general climate, you can visit the shores of Shella, the longest of its kind in Istanbul, enjoy a visit and photograph the most ancient monuments of Shilla beaches and historical monuments in the city of Shila, Turkey, such as churches and castles, some of which stand tall on high lords and the most famous of which is a castle Sheila.

Serenity Park

• It is one of the best landmarks of the Sheila region in Turkey, where you can relax in the most beautiful landscapes and cool cool air breezes, while enjoying a wonderful panoramic view of the Bosphorus and the picturesque nature of Istanbul, thanks to the park site above the high hill that reveals the entire town.

Sheila Istanbul

Kom Baba Park

• One of the most beautiful and famous tourist attractions in the city of Sheila Turkey, where you can enjoy hiking and safari tours between the green surfaces and forest areas with a charming view of the beach near the Kom Papa plateau and its weeping rocks as well, and despite the beauty and serenity of the sea water and its wonderful white sands, it may not be Perfect for children.
• Kum Baba Park in Shilla Turkey includes a restaurant and café yard that serves bread with meatballs with delicious local Ayran.

Sheila city of Turkey

Al Bairaq Park

One of the best places for hiking with family and children in the Sheila Turkey area near the center of the town, where you can enjoy walking and wandering and hope the beauty of the garden with its picturesque green spaces in the paths designated for that, while also enjoying charming views of the sea and forests that serve as wonderful backgrounds for pictures.
• It is also possible to pass by the nearby Istanbul Sheila Bazaar when visiting the park.

Sheila Turkey

The hidden lake

• If you are looking for an ideal place for family picnics suitable for calm and adequate relaxation away from the hustle and bustle of Istanbul, you will not find a better place for you than the hidden lake, one of the most famous landmarks of Shyla Turkey, where the flow of clear fresh water, forests and dense green surfaces surrounding it from every direction, In addition to a series of simple traditional restaurants that allow you to try the outdoor barbecue.

Sheila region in Turkey

Sheila Cultural Center

• One of the best recreational activities that your children will be very happy to attend, but it is also quite ideal for adults, as the Sheila Turkey Cultural Center offers a series of theatrical entertainment and educational shows directed to children, some of which are also directed to all family members, which makes it one of the best places of tourism in the Sheila region in Turkey for families .

How far is Sheila from Istanbul

Sheila Bazaar

• One of the best shopping streets in Sheila Turkey which also bears the name Şile Earth Market or Şile Yeryüzü Pazarı, which is a market specialized in selling agricultural and fresh and inorganic meat products at reasonable prices, which you can get during a tour among dozens of street vendors who are laying ground amid Sheila city of Turkey
You can also get different kinds of delicious local pies and desserts.

Shopping in Sheila

• During your tours through the streets of the city of Sheila Turkey you will find dozens of famous and old shopping streets in the town, through which you can shop various and valuable souvenirs for family and friends and clothes at cheap prices.
• This is in addition to the Sheila land market, which is specialized in selling local agricultural products that the town is famous for, such as vegetables, fresh fruits, and some types of Turkish spices at reasonable prices.

Shopping in Sheila

Sheila restaurants

• Availability of restaurants is one of the most important things that occupies the mind of the tourist when planning tourist tours, and in Sheila Turkey this will not disturb you as you can enjoy the delicious grills, seafood and various local dishes with breathtaking views of the most beautiful natural landmarks of Sheila Istanbul, such as the charming seashore beaches, rivers and lush lakes and higher Highland peaks through dozens of restaurants spread across the tourist town.

How far is Sheila from Istanbul?

The city of Sheila Turkey is located near Agua Turkey and is 79.3 km from Istanbul, equivalent to an hour and 19 minutes driving via the O-6 track.
Here is a map showing the shortest path to get to between Sheila and Istanbul:

The location of the city of Sheila Istanbul

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