Istanbul is one of the most important tourism cities in Turkey, which offers its visitors a varied tourist meal that satisfies all tastes and suits different ages. Perhaps the entertainment places in Istanbul, especially the parks and parks of Istanbul, are the most popular destination that families are keen to pass through during tourism tours in Istanbul for recreation and enjoy the most beautiful Landscapes, charming views of the city and game areas are always the children’s eyes.

Whatever the purpose of your visit to Istanbul, hiking and gardening must be part of your plans, so we have dedicated this report to presenting a group of the most beautiful and most popular parks in Istanbul.

Best hotels in Istanbul

As the central and most important tourist city in Turkey, Istanbul has a large number of hotels with varying hotel grades that suit the level of services, prices and entertainment provided by various budgets.

This link provides a comprehensive guide to the best hotels in Turkey Istanbul as evaluated by previous visitors .. Read more
Istanbul's most beautiful gardens

Istanbul’s most beautiful gardens

During the article, we are reviewing with you the most beautiful and most visited gardens of Istanbul, so that you may plan to visit it soon:

Gulhane Park

The most beautiful garden in Ottoman Istanbul, which provides charming views of the Bosphorus with a breathtaking nature reflected by greenery and the harmonious colors of flowers that make the garden a romantic destination for lovers and an ideal place to hold spring carnivals every year.

Gulhane Park is also famous for Sultan Ahmed, which includes a group of statues and memorials of the most influential figures in the history of Turkey and is one of the most visited tourist places in Istanbul .. Read more

Istanbul's most beautiful gardens

Emirgan Istanbul Park

One of the most beautiful parks in Istanbul and the most famous among the locals and tourists as a spot to relax away from the noise of the city among hundreds of species of plants and flowers of historical origin, or to exercise and enjoy family sessions while children have fun in the games area or see the species of birds and animals that the park includes, which also organizes a festival Annual tulip flowers during spring … Read more

Gardens in Istanbul

Istanbul Zoo

One of the best and most attractive gardens of Istanbul for families and children, during which they can enjoy seeing, photographing and foreplay 150 different species of animals and birds, in addition to 19 species of aquatic animals, and 250 different and rare species of plants .. Read more

Istanbul's most beautiful gardens

Yildiz Park Istanbul

One of the largest parks in Istanbul, which enjoys a charming and picturesque nature, relaxing and recuperating between 120 different species of herbaceous plants, aromatic trees and sloping waterfalls to a lake in which swarms of fish, geese and ducks swim, in addition to a wonderful Ottoman mansion, hiking and walking paths, family sessions and restaurants .. Read more

Istanbul Turkey Gardens

Minya Turk

Minya Turk Istanbul or anthropomorphic garden as they are called is one of the most beautiful parks in Istanbul ideal for family outings or in the company of friends, where visitors can recreate among the most beautiful landscapes of green landscapes, harmonious flowers and water tables that give their visitors spectacular views .. Read more

Istanbul Gardens

Freedom Park in Istanbul

One of the best parks in Istanbul for family picnics, where parents can relax between dozens of species of plants and roses of various colors or on the lake shore, while feeding the swarms of ducks and geese that swim in them while children enjoy the play area.

Perhaps the most important characteristic of the Garden of Freedom is its wood and metal sculptures, the most famous of which is the hand that launches the dove, along with the figures made of plants .. Read more

The most beautiful parks in Istanbul

Floria Park

If you are looking for parks in Istanbul, free and public, ideal for hiking, recreation and entertainment for children and mixing with the habits of the Turkish people, the Floria Garden is the perfect one for you, besides the stunning landscapes of plants and flowers of various scents, some of which are rare, including Floria, an entertainment area for children and educational sessions are organized for them in addition to To organize some weddings .. Read more

Istanbul's most beautiful gardens

The forests of Belgrade Istanbul

The largest chain of gardens in Istanbul with an area of ​​up to 15 km and includes 11 parks, 7 lakes, diverse and rare species of huge and dense perennials and other animals, wild birds and reptiles.

The park also includes hiking and hiking paths and several nurseries for flowers and aromatic plants, the most famous of which are Ataturk and Kirazli Arboretum .. Read more

Istanbul Gardens

Ataturk Park

One of the gardens in Istanbul that provides a large area of ​​plants and flowering trees with varied clever smelling species, some of which inhabit birds and squirrels, where you can enjoy tweets and fun amusing situations, while visiting the oldest Kirazeli nursery of its kind in Turkey, which is located in the vicinity of the Ataturk Park and dates back to the era of the Ottoman Empire. . read more

Gardens in Istanbul

Bridal Hill

One of the best parks in Istanbul, Uskudar, which provides a wonderful panoramic view of the most famous tourist attractions of the city, including the Bosphorus and the Golden Horn Bay, in addition to an ideal atmosphere for recreation between meadows, orchards and migratory birds, away from the usual noise of the city, which makes it an ideal spot for photography enthusiasts and new couples .. read more

Bridal Hill in Istanbul

Fethi Pasha Park, Istanbul

Fethi Pasha Istanbul Park is unique in its wonderful trees and flowers, in addition to the charming views of the sea, which made it one of the most prominent gardens in Istanbul .. Read more

Fethi Pasha Park, Istanbul

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