Sao Tome and Principe, these charming countries that consist of two volcanic islands are Sao Tome and Principe, which are 140 km from each other, it is an African island country, and it is part of a volcanic chain characterized by wonderful rock and coral formations, the two islands enjoy an amazing nature, covering their lands Volcanic mountains covered with tropical rain forests have a unique view, while the picturesque virgin beaches of sea turtles nest on them, and fishing villages extend throughout.
The country is famous for producing coffee and cocoa, and being an exporting country for them, so you can enjoy watching the farms spread in various regions, along with many natural parks, the most famous of which is the magnificent Obo Garden, and also includes one of the highest peaks in Sao Tome and Principe, one of the most important tourist destinations in Africa for climbers and adventure enthusiasts, you will inevitably enjoy a holiday like no other, amidst the amazing nature and the tranquility of the soul, in one of the most beautiful countries of tourism in the continent.

The best seasons of tourism in Sao Tome and Principe

Sao Tome and Principe is characterized by a humid and dry tropical climate, with a relatively wet season and a short dry one, December is very popular with visitors, warm and humid throughout the year, frequent rainstorms, except for the period from June to September, when a few fall Rainy, the main whale watching season extends from July to September, and the country’s Independence Day is widely celebrated on July 25 of each year, and birthdays in late December, with temperatures during the year between 22 and 30 degrees Celsius, and the climate is divided during The year is divided into two different seasons, as follows:
The rainy season, which runs from October to May.
While the drought covers the four months, it comes in June and continues until September.

How long you can stay in Sao Tome and Principe

To obtain an entry visa for Sao Tome and Principe, you must first make sure that your passport is valid for a period of no less than 6 months, and it is issued by going to the embassy or consulate of Sao Tome and Principe in your country, completing the required procedures, or by obtaining an electronic visa , And allows you to stay in its territory for 30 days, valid for three months.

Tourism in the city of Sao Tome

Sao Tome is the elegant capital of the country, and its largest city, which is influenced by Creole Portuguese culture. It is the home of St. Sebastian’s cathedral, a colonial fortress from the sixteenth century built by Portuguese settlers, the city’s landmarks include the Presidential Palace, the ancient cathedral, the National Library, and now also contains the National Museum For the country, the island of Rola is located in the south of the city, and includes a diving resort characterized by clear waters and rich marine life.
Don’t miss the visit of the Obo Natural Park in São Tomé, a garden with a wonderful view covering 195 square kilometers, which provides visitors with opportunities for hiking and long walks between its picturesque nature, and the Pico Co Grande, the volcanic summit that rises 1275 feet above sea level, which is famous for being a wonderful destination For climbing, the central market of the capital offers an elegant and organized presentation on the culture of this friendly people, who will have a lot during your tour inside, and there are many attractions worth visiting in this wonderful city.
The proposed duration of visit to the tourist areas of Sao Tome and Principe, the city of Sao Tome is two days.

Tourism in the cities of Sao Tome and Principe

Tourism in the city of Santo Antonio

Santo Antonio is the capital of the island of Principe, and the smallest city in the world, which includes among its homes homes and shops characterized by beautiful pastel colors, which extend along the magnificent Papagayo River, and in the center of the city stands the Church of Our Lady of Aries that was restored in 1940 AD, where it has a wooden roof The color with its yellow painted walls, as you enter, look for the Baptist line of St. Anthony carved stunningly on the stones to the left of the altar.
On the city’s central square, watch the government building, along with a handful of other impressive 19th-century colonial buildings, visit the new cultural center that houses a library and gives tourists an opportunity to get to know first-hand the locals, where it is located opposite the city market that offers Everything is special, while Fort Punta da Mina is located at the entrance to the Bay of Santo Antonio, you will find many activities that you can do during your trip to the city of Santo Antonio.
The proposed time to visit the tourist areas of Sao Tome and Principe, Santo Antonio, is one day.

Tourism in the state of Sao Tome and Principe

Best Sao Tome and Principe hotels

Sao Tome and Principe includes a group of distinctive, diverse hotels to suit different budgets, which enjoy its strategic location overlooking the most beautiful natural scenes, and the sights of the city. The accommodations also offer rooms and suites that are equipped with the latest facilities and provide the best services to their guests, and below we will present a list of the best Sao Tome and Principe hotels, according to the opinions and opinions of Arab visitors .. Read more

Tourism in Sao Tome and Principe

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