Lovers Park is located in Astana, opposite Khan Shater Entertainment Center. It was built in the year 2005 AD and ends with the arch of the Kazmunjaz Building.
Because Astana is still a young city, this space is reserved for young people, especially lovers, as the park is dreamer and romantic and bears a romantic name.
The building’s location is unique and exciting, surrounded by many eye-catching buildings and skyscrapers.
More than three thousand trees of lime, fir, pine, poplar, and maple were planted, along with green pans and flower beds.
The park includes many sculptures, and it is surrounded by a large fountain that expresses time and life, which is a suitable and quiet place for family outings and is one of the tourist attractions in Kazakhstan

A scene of Lovers' Park in Astana

Activities you can do

• You can walk around the park, and enjoy its quiet nature, and the place includes many spacious spaces that are suitable for children’s toys.

Tour of Astana Lovers' Park

• Do not forget to bring your camera, and be prepared to take many pictures, as the park site has great views.
For the most beautiful pictures, head to the arch of the Kazmunjaz Building, where you will be met by the Bayterek Tower on one side, and Khan Shater Entertainment Center on the other side.

Lovers' Park site in Astana

• The park also includes many expressive sculptures that you will most enjoy watching, along with the Fountain of Life and romantic benches, such as the first kiss seat.

Lovers' park sculptures in Astana

And the most important characteristic of the park is a sculpture, which I love Astana, which is lit at night, and includes a beautiful heart written in the background, the word I love you in all languages ​​of the world.

The phrase I love Astana in Lovers' Park in Astana

Visit times

The park is available to visit all days of the week around the clock.
Free admission.

Hotels near Astana Lover’s Park

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Jumbaktas Hotel is a 4-star hotel with very good reviews, and it is 1 km from the lovers’ park Astana
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Lovers’ Park Astana site

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