Sapanca Mashoeka is one of the most beautiful tourist places in Turkey. If you are looking for enjoyment and relaxation in the arms of nature, you will not find this except in this special place, where the beauty of orchards meets waterfalls to form together the most wonderful thing you may see when tourism in Turkey.

Sapanca is one of the best places to visit in Turkey

The best activities in Turkey

• You can visit lush restaurants and savor the most delicious local dishes and fish dishes, the most important of which is trout in addition to the organic food that the village is famous for. Among the most important of these restaurants are: Koru Restaurant, Yazıcılar Otel Restoran & Adrenalin Aktiviteleri.

Sapanca's reliability

• You can visit the most beautiful natural parks in Mashouqia for wandering and morning morning walks in the arms of nature, or sit back and enjoy the colorful and fragrant flower scenery that forms a natural painting that stems in the minds.

Spain's Sapanca Lust

• You can spend the best times in visiting the more than 20 waterfall waterfalls that flow from Kartbeh Mountain. Enjoy the most enjoyable family sessions in the atmosphere of this picturesque place.

Hotels near Spanga

Penguin Hotel Sapanca, the best Sapanca hotel, 4 stars, just 11 km from the village of Machouqia Turkey.
Summary of Arab visitor ratings
A very excellent place that provides serious services in terms of hygiene and staff, but some visitors found a shortage of some equipment and the staff promised to secure it in the future.
Hotel reservation
Sapanca Hotel 105, Turkey’s best hotel, Sapanca 4 stars, about 9.8 km from the village of Mezoukiia, Turkey
Summary of Arab visitor ratings
It offers charming and beautiful views, the staff is friendly and the level of services is very good, but the interior rooms are a little small.
Hotel reservation

Location of Sapanca, on the map

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