The Spanish stairs in Rome is a wide stairway linking the roundabout of Spain to the Trinidad dei Monti square. The stairs are located in a large square in the middle of the roundabout of the boat, and it is also called the old boat roundabout, which symbolizes the incident of the sinking of ancient Rome when the Tiber river overflowed and the river water washed away the boat here.
The Spanish Stairs area in Rome is considered one of the best tourist places in Rome

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The best activities in the Spanish stairs in Rome

• You can see the statue of King David, and see the statue of the Prophet Moses, which is located on the southern side of the roundabout. You can walk around and take some memorial photos.

Spanish stairs in Rome, Italy, is one of the most famous places of tourism in Rome

• You can walk southeast of the Spanish Steps in Rome where there is a Trevi Fountain full of statues, also known as the Fountain of Fortune, or the Wish Fountain, where the tourist or visitor throws a coin and wishes a wish, in the belief of it or in the hope of achieving it.

Trevi Fountain near the Spanish stairs in Rome, is considered one of the best tourist places in Rome

• You can take the Spanish stairs in Rome as a board for rest from walking, because you find some other tourists sitting on it to spend some fun time, enjoying the fresh air and picturesque views and sensing the civilizations and history of previous times, which leads to a feeling of great happiness to visit these wonderful places that bring together civilizations Peoples.

Spanish stairs Rome Italy

The best hotels in Rome near the Spanish stairs in Rome

The Inn at the Spanish Steps hotel is a 5-star rating with a great rating among the best hotels in Rome, as it is located on the point of the Spanish Steps
Summary of Arab visitor ratings
The hotel has received great reviews about location, view, hygiene, staff, services.
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Hassler Hotel Rome 5-star rating with an excellent rating among the best Rome hotels as it is less than 5 minutes’ walk from the Spanish Steps
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The hotel got excellent reviews in all respects.
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The location of the Spanish stairs area in Rome on Google Map

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