The Chain Bridge in Budapest is the first permanent stone bridge that connects the Buda Hills with the Best Land of the Plain, 380 meters long and 14.8 meters wide, and is the second permanent crossing along the Danube in Hungary.
It is considered one of the tourist places in Hungary and one of the symbolic buildings in Budapest, the most widely known bridge from the Hungarian capital, and it was built in the eighteenth century, and the iron chains that carry the bridge are installed by two of the river docks, each 48 meters long designed in classic style.

The suspension chain bridge Budapest Hungary

Best activities in the Budapest Chain Bridge suspension

• You can take commemorative photos in front of the lion statue that was added towards the end of the bridge three years after its construction. It is a huge and high statue that increases the luxury of the bridge.

The suspension chain bridge in Budapest Hungary

• You can also take a walk on the pedestrian walkway, ride a bike through the main bridge road, and admire the scenic city and Danube River views.

The suspension chain bridge is one of the most beautiful tourist places in Budapest, Hungary

• Visit the square at the end of the bridge, where you will enjoy a courtyard full of picturesque flowers, cafes and restaurants, and it includes a sculpture called the landmark oval, which represents a starting point for all major roads in the country, and there is one of the rail vehicles that you can use to reach the Buda Castle

Adam Clark Square in the Hanging Chain Bridge is one of the best tourist spots in Budapest, Hungary

Top hotels near Budapest Chain Bridge

The Exerdoboz a Buda Var Alat Hotel is one-star Budapest hotel with exceptional ratings, and is 400 meters from the Chain Bridge Hanging Budapest.
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One of the best hotels in Budapest as it is located in the heart of the city, its terraces are beautiful and its services are excellent.
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Gold Basilica Hotel is one star Hungary hotel Budapest with exceptional ratings, about half a kilometer from the bridge.
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A comfortable and peaceful hotel, with a helpful staff, location.
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The Budapest Chain Bridge suspension site

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