Zell am See is one of the most beautiful cities of Austria located on the banks of the blue lake Zell, the city is famous for its wonderful atmosphere in all seasons of the year in which you can ski and enjoy the nightlife in the winter as well as diving in the lake and enjoy the beaches and climb the famous Alps in summer.

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Tourism in Zell am See in winter

In the winter Austria means many tourists because of its attractions and destinations, and in our article we will devote to talking about tourism in Zell am See during the winter season.


Among the most important activities that you can do in Zell am See in the winter, the city provides you with the possibility to practice snowboarding through ski centers that have been equipped with the necessary equipment and facilities for skiing, the most famous of which are snowfields located on the snow-capped Kilzsteinhorn.
Zell am See hotels near ski centers
Alpine Parks Hotel and Apartment in the center of Zell am See provides comfortable and modern accommodation just 100 meters from the ski lift
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The 4-star Victoria Hotel is one of the best hotels in Austria. It is only 4 km from the Zell am See Ski Area and 2 km from the lake.
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Winter tourism in Zell am See Austria

Visit the indoor swimming pools and the sauna

The en-suite bathrooms are one of the most prominent tourist places in Zell am See Austria in the winter, where tourists come to seek to enjoy swimming in different seasons, whatever the weather, the bathrooms are located in the district center of Fritzzenstrom and there are two separate swimming pools, each length is about 75 meters and the depth reaches about 3 meters.
There is also a sauna area that includes saunas that provide infrared showers as well as the possibility to relax in the sun on comfortable medical chairs. A visit to the baths is recommended for all family members to enjoy the benefit together.

Visit the indoor swimming pools and sauna in Zell am See in the winter


Most of the lake water freezes in Zell am See during the winter season, but there are many places where you can practice fishing. It also provides you with centers for renting and selling the necessary fishing accessories.

Tourism in Zell am See in winter

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