Gabon is a wonderful country, located in central Africa, and is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Africa, enjoying stunning views of the Atlantic coast, adorned with large areas of national parks, and its charm is increased by vast areas of tropical forests interspersed with wonderful waterfalls, and wildlife in its pristine nature Characteristic with amazing diversity of animals and plants, which gives its visitors opportunities for exploration and adventure trips.
Gabon also has unique lakes, and wonderful beaches with a charming nature, which made it an ideal destination for nature lovers, and Gabon includes museums that tell a lot about the history of the country, and many popular markets that give you an opportunity to get to know the cultures of this friendly people, when you head to a market You must have the Gabon currency, the CFA, and you will have a perfect vacation throughout this rich country with its magic of nature.

The best tourist seasons in Gabon

The Gabonese country prevails in a hot, humid tropical climate, with high temperatures throughout the year, and precipitation almost daily. The average temperatures in Gabon during the day are between 26 and 30 degrees Celsius, and the average night temperatures are between 22 and 24. It is the best time to visit in the months of June, July, and August, when the country is dominated by temperate weather away from rain. The year in Gabon is divided into two main seasons, the short dry season and the long rainy season. As for the four seasons, they are as follows:
Fall season starts from September to November, characterized by its warm weather and rain, which makes it a good time for those looking for a low budget for their trip.
The winter season comes in June, and continues until August, the middle months are characterized by a comfortable weather, and this period is the climax of the country’s tourist season, and it is the only dry season in Gabon.
Spring from September to November, the country is dominated by wet weather with large amount of rain, and temperatures are 28 degrees Celsius.
As for the summer, it starts from December to February, which is the time of snowfall in the country, and one of the fun times for adventure and ski lovers.

How long can you stay in Gabon

To obtain an entry visa to Gabon, you must first make sure that your passport is valid for a period of no less than six months, and there are two ways, the first way is to obtain a Gabon visa through the country’s official website on the Internet to obtain an electronic visa, in which case it is not permissible to enter the Gabon is only from the Capital Airport, and you can extract it via the usual steps by directing you to the nearest embassy or consulate of Gabon in your country, and the time that you can stay in Gabon is three months for 70 euros, and a period of six months for 185 euros.

Tourism in the city of Libreville

Libreville, the shining capital of Gabon, and one of the most beautiful tourist cities in it, enjoys a stunning view of the coast of Central Africa. Its seafront street contains gardens and sculptures. And, as you tour the Mont Bois open market, you will find a wide range of commodities, from household appliances, local products, to traditional medicine.
In the far east of Libreville, Saint Michael’s Church is famous for its long wooden columns with delicately carved decorative inscriptions dazzling eyes, Sibang Arboretum retains many indigenous trees in the country, to the south on a forest-covered peninsula at the mouth of Gabon, and the Bungara National Park is a breeding ground for leatherback turtles , And provides distinct points for humpback whale watching, at the tip of a nearby peninsula showing Point Denise, famous for its magnificent beaches, to the north of Libreville. Explore Akanda National Park, which owns mangrove forests and tidal beaches, which is an important site for watching Immigrated Urs and Dolphins.
The proposed time to visit the tourist areas of Gabon in Libreville is two days.

The capital of Gabon

Tourism in the city of Port Gentil

The city of Port Gentil is the sea port of the country, and one of the most important tourism cities in Gabon, the second largest city in Gabon, as well as an oil industry center, on the Cape Lobby peninsula, and has a protected port and picturesque beaches, and the St. Louis Church that was established in 1927 AD The most important landmarks of the city, and at the outskirts of the peninsula is the Cape Lopez lighthouse, which dates back to the twentieth century, and in the south of Port Gentil, the Oguy River is famous for many types of fish.
Within the downtown area between Savorná de Brazzaville and the seashore there are hotels, banks, and commercial centers, you can also visit the zoo, beaches, golf courses, along with the amazing wildlife, as this city gives you the perfect opportunity to take a break from the routine, and enjoy a holiday full of fun In that perfect destination for an unforgettable vacation.
The proposed time to visit the tourist areas of Gabon in Port Gentil is one day.

Gabon currency

Tourism in the city of Franceville

It is one of the four largest cities in Gabon, located on the Mbasa River, which gives it a distinct view. City landmarks include the Saint Helier Church that was built in 1899 AD, a large statue of President Omar Bongo, and a major medical research institute.The city also has a golf course, while Its airport is 20 km west at Mevini.
There is the city market, which you can buy many supplies, such as clothes, fruits, electronics, and others. The beauty of this city is increased by the presence of waterfalls. Popara is one of the most famous waterfalls in it. You can get comfort and recreation through its picturesque beaches.
The proposed time to visit the tourist areas of Gabon in Franceville is one day.

Gabon state

Top Gabon hotels

Gabon has a variety of hotels to suit different budgets, all of which enjoy a strategic location close to the most prominent tourist attractions, overlooking their wonderful nature, and the accommodations offer the finest rooms and suites that are equipped with the latest facilities, and the best services.
Below we will display a list of the best Gabon hotels that have the highest ratings, according to the opinions of Arab visitors .. Read more

Tourism in the state of Gabon

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