Australia is one of the most important global tourism destinations, as it is a country rich in scenic landscapes that embrace contemporary architecture. Australia is famous for many cities, which includes a large group of prominent tourist attractions.

Before traveling to Australia

If you intend to travel to Australia for tourism, you must obtain an electronic visa by visiting the official website Here
This applies to many Arab countries, including the Arab Gulf states, and a travel visa to Australia allows you, my dear Arab tourist, to stay for a maximum period of 3 months in Australia.

The official currency is Australian dollar and the official language is English

In terms of transportation, given the large area in Australia, the best way to travel between cities is by plane, and if the city you want to visit is nearby, you can use buses or train.
Finally, the food, if you intend to travel to Australia and you are worried about finding restaurants that serve halal food, there is, then be comfortable with you because you will encounter many Arab and Islamic restaurants there.

What are the best times to travel to Australia?

To start with, you should know that Australia’s position in the southern hemisphere of the land made its seasons opposite to the seasons in the northern hemisphere
If you want to travel to Australian cities in the south, such as Sydney and Melbourne, then the summer months are considered the most appropriate, but they may be costly considering the tourism season in the country.

Let us now know the most beautiful tourist destinations in Australia, namely:

Tourism in Sydney

Sydney is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and it is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Australia as it is one of the largest cities in Australia.

The most important tourist places in Australia, Sydney

On this tab, you will find a group of the most important tourist places in Australia, Sydney, which the city is famous for and which we recommend you to visit .. Read more

The most beautiful cities in Australia - Tourism in Australia Sydney

Tourism in Melbourne

Melbourne is the second largest city in Australia, which is the capital of the state of Victoria. Melbourne is one of the most beautiful tourist places in Australia due to its richness in many tourist places that attract tourists, especially parks.

The most important tourist places in Australia, Melbourne

We show you in this tab the most important tourist places in Australia, which Melbourne is famous for and it is recommended to visit it .. Read more

Tourism in Melbourne, Australia


Canberra is the Australian capital, located between Sydney and Melbourne, and is considered one of the most important tourist destinations in Australia, as it is an incubator for many tourist attractions and attractions such as museums, galleries and parks.

Perhaps one of the most important tourist places in Australia is Canberra, we mention the Brindabella National Park, which is one of the most important national parks in Australia, Lake Burley Griffin, Montenegro and many others

Tourism in Australia Canberra

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