The city of Hurghada is one of the cities of Egypt abundant with many natural places and wonderful tourist attractions. Besides being overlooking the Red Sea and bordered by mountains, Hurghada includes many tourist attractions that made it one of the most famous tourism cities in Egypt.
In this article, we will present to you a number of the most famous streets of Hurghada, which is one of the famous tourist attractions in Hurghada, as it contains various tourist attractions.

Best hotels in Hurghada

Among the most beautiful tourist attractions in Hurghada are the wonderful hotels and resorts, as Hurghada includes a number of the best hotels in Egypt with stunning views and distinguished services .. Read more

The most famous streets of Hurghada

Al Mamsha Tourist Street

Al Mamsha El Seyahi Street in Hurghada, Hurghada Promenade is the largest and most famous of Hurghada streets, as it is 5 km long, and therefore it includes a huge number of important tourist attractions.
Al Mamsha Street includes a large number of hotels between its two sides, starting from the two-star to five-star hotels, as well as 4 of the most famous malls in Hurghada, including the Esplanade Mall.
In Al Mamsha Street, you can shop through the duty-free shop, or you can walk at night as the wonderful atmosphere of Hurghada or take some unforgettable pictures.

Al Mamsha Tourist Street is one of the most famous streets of Hurghada

Sheraton Street

Sheraton Road is one of the most famous streets of Hurghada, as it is one of the oldest streets in the city, which includes a large number of the city’s indigenous population.
Sheraton Street includes a number of hotels from the category of two stars to four stars, as well as a large number of bazaars and markets specialized in selling gifts and souvenirs that carry the traditional style of the people of the country in addition to handcrafted products such as accessories, ceramics, clothes, leather products and antiques.
And on Sheraton Street, you can eat delicious seafood, which is famous for its industry, the people of Hurghada, through restaurants scattered in the famous street. You can also choose between a number of other dining options through a large group of restaurants, whether for fast food or others.
At the beginning of the Sheraton Street is located one of the most important landmarks of Hurghada, which is the yacht marina, which includes a number of the most luxurious yachts and hotel apartments, as well as a number of restaurants and cafes located on the sea.

Sheraton Street is one of the most important streets of Hurghada

Dahar Street

El Dahar District is one of the most popular streets of Hurghada, which includes many shops and shops specializing in selling local products such as clothes, handcraft, ceramic utensils, gifts and souvenirs, in addition to perfumery products, textiles and leather products.
The most important characteristic of Al-Dahar Street is its suitable prices and quality products.
In addition to the many shops, Dahar Street includes a large number of distinctive local restaurants that offer delicious fish food and other popular Hurghada food.

Dahar Street is one of the popular streets of Hurghada

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