The Golden Gates of Kiev remained the main entrance to the Ukrainian capital, the city of Kiev, during the Middle Ages and throughout the ages of Ukrainian history in full. , You can realize this importance when you know that this edifice was built nearly a thousand years ago.

Golden Gate Kiev Ukraine

In front of the gate, he built one of the most beautiful memorials in Kiev, which is a bronze statue of Yaroslav the Wise, in addition to a number of other small statues that embody important figures who influenced Ukrainian history.

The best activities in the Kiev Golden Gate

• The place is a place for history and ancient monuments in the first place. You can have an important and very interesting historical dose when you visit the Golden Gate because you are going to visit one of the oldest buildings around the world. The ages passed as the main entrance to the country and the old city.

Golden gate in Kiev Ukraine

• Spread around the golden gate and due to its great location in the front of the old city, a good number of cafes, you can sit in the famous outdoor cafe facing the gate and enjoy your morning coffee.

The golden gate is one of the most beautiful places of tourism in Kiev Ukraine

• You can wander around the golden gate and buy what you need of products where the popular commercial markets that sell goods are selling at very reasonable prices, and you can also buy some souvenirs for family and friends.

The golden gate is one of the best tourist places in Kiev Ukraine

• Do not forget when you visit the Golden Gate of Kiev to take a number of memorial photos, which will perpetuate your visit to this important place forever.

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Hotels near Kiev Golden Gate

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