The São Paulo Aquarium, located in the city of São Paulo is one of the most important tourist places in Brazil, which is an integrated zoo, this aquarium was opened in 2006, and is the largest in South America.
The Sao Paulo Aquarium includes 3000 animals of 300 different breeds, the most important thing that distinguishes this aquarium from others is that it does not only display marine creatures as it might come to the reader of his name, on the contrary, this aquarium provides its visitors with an opportunity to closely monitor several animals, from birds, Reptiles, mammals, and even virtual sculptures of extinct dinosaurs.

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The most important activities you can do

Watching the Amazon jungle animals, the visitor can see many Amazon animals, such as different fish, lizards and certainly the famous white crocodile.
The white crocodile has made the São Paulo Aquarium a global destination, being the only exhibition in the world dedicated to viewing this rare crocodile.

The Sao Paulo Aquarium is one of the most beautiful tourist places in Sao Paulo, Brazil

• Watch the creatures of the oceans, in this part of the aquarium you will be able to closely observe the creatures of the oceans and the most famous creatures in this part are sharks, you will be able to see these terrifying animals and you will only be separated from them by tough glass.

São Paulo Aquarium is one of the most popular tourist places in São Paulo

Watching water mammals, in this section are creatures that you will only be able to see in documentaries. Like polar bears, otters, seals and many more amazing animals.

A white bear in the Sao Paulo Aquarium

Visit the Museum of Fossils and Dinosaurs. A tour of this museum will ensure that you see a wide range of fossils of creatures that have become extinct millions of years ago.

Entry prices

General admission ticket: $ 40 / Brazilian riyal.
Entrance ticket for children between 3 and 12 years: $ 20 / Brazilian riyal.
For more information about changing prices, you can visit the official website of the aquarium. from here

work hours

All days of the week from 9:00 am until 18:00 pm.

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Aquarium of Sao Paulo

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