Belgrade Zoo is a zoo located in the center of the city of Belgrade specifically in the center of Kalimegdan Park, this park is the main zoo in the country as it is one of the tourist attractions in Serbia and one of the oldest zoos in the continent of Europe at all
Where it has passed for nearly eighty years and covers an area of ​​17 acres, which carries over 1700 animals embodying more than 150 different species, and these animals vary between the local wild in addition to the animals that were brought from behind the seas

Belgrade Zoo

The general appearance of the park has contributed to the influx of visitors to it throughout the year, which includes many modern facilities and drinking fountains scattered throughout, with the presence of a wooden sculpture gallery with a nursery for small animals and the children’s zoo.

Things to do there

• One of the most important things that you must make sure to go to visit once you enter Belgrade Park is the White Lion House, the garden owns one of the largest groups of rare black and white tigers around the world, you will be able to see these lions playing, eating their food, practicing their daily routine, And how many times will we be able to see a white lion ?!

Belgrade Zoo

Crocodile house is also one of the important places that you must make sure to visit inside the garden. Inside the crocodile house there is the oldest crocodile family in the world which is called waves. These giant animals can also be tamed and seen while dealing with their trainers with care and obedience. Also worth seeing

Belgrade Zoo

• Next to the multiple animal houses in the park, which will naturally strive to visit as many of them as possible, there are wide green spaces in the garden that spread different plants and trees.
If you are a fan of escape to nature, you can sit a little on these herbs or chairs intended for you to enjoy this complete scene

Belgrade Zoo

• Do not forget to take a suitable number of memorial photos so that you can keep a memorial of your visit to this wonderful place

work hours

All days of the week starting from 8 in the morning until 7 in the evening

Prices for entry tickets

Persons over 15 years of age are 500 dinars per person
From the age of 3 years to 15 years 300 dinars

Hotels near Belgrade Zoo

Garni Hotel is a 4-star Belgrade Serbia hotel, one kilometer away from the Belgrade Zoo
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Belgrade Zoo Zoo

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