The Mashreq Mall Hafar Al-Batin is one of the best malls of Hafar Al-Batin and is among the tourist attractions in Hafar Al-Batin, where it includes many commercial and entertainment activities that are well designed to meet the wishes of its visitors.
It shows the features of the global experience and modern commercial facilities, and due to the city’s distinct location, the mall was considered a guaranteed destination for shoppers from the State of Kuwait without incurring the hassle of long travel.
The mall includes a theme park, hotel towers, a hypermarket, and a chain of international and local restaurants and cafes.

Mashreq Mall Hafar Al-Batin

Things to do in Mashreq Mall Hafar Al-Batin

• The mall includes 307 stores, to guarantee visitors a familiar and comprehensive destination for their desires, as the stores offer a number of diverse commercial products, and shoppers achieve the largest possible visual experience of consumables and purchases.

Mashreq Mall Hafar Al-Batin

• Al Mashreq Mall includes a chain of international and local restaurants and food, allowing shoppers an entertainment break through which they can restore shopping and cruise again without getting tired or tired.

Hafar Al Mashreq Al Mashreq Mall

• In order to increase the fun and entertainment, there must have been a games city with the specifications known to all the international malls. Therefore, the game player “Sfourland” contributed to providing an opportunity for children and adults alike to enjoy all the happiness and joy that the city offers.

Mashreq Mall
• In the end, you can visit the hypermarket located on large areas of the mall. Be on a date with the various commodity and food products that you necessarily need to buy.

Al Mashreq Mall hypermarket

Hotels near Mashreq Mall Hafar Al-Batin

Al Sharq Hotel is one of the best 4-star Hafar Al-Batin hotels, away from the Mashreq Mall Hafar Al-Batin, 13.6 km.
Summary of Arab visitor ratings
The hotel got very good reviews for the location, cleanliness, staff, while some visitors complained about poor Wi-Fi.
Hotel reservation
Al Harir Hotel is one of the best Saudi hotels Hafar Al-Batin 4 stars, and it is 15.5 km away from Mashreq Mall, Hafar Al-Batin.
Summary of Arab visitor ratings
The hotel is rated excellent for service, hygiene, staff and facilities complete.

Mashreq Mall Hafr Al-Batin site

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