The National Aquarium Denmark is the largest fish tank in Northern Europe. It is located in Copenhagen, the Danish capital, on the shore of the Kastrup harbor, and it opens in 2013.
The reason behind its creation was to publish information about organisms that live in the seas and rivers, and to help scientific projects and also to help improve scientific institutes and therefore the purpose of its establishment was purely scientific, but soon it became one of the most important landmarks of tourism in Denmark and a destination for the people of the country and tourists alike. .

National Aquarium - Denmark

Activities you can do in the National Aquarium

• The Danish National Aquarium gives you the opportunity to experience an underwater stay where you will find yourself surrounded by water and water creatures in a wonderful and unforgettable tour, and includes not only adults but children as well.

National Aquarium - Denmark

• You can visit the Ocean Tank, which contains a number of different sharks, alongside sea snakes and other creatures that you can only find in the ocean or inside the National Aquarium in Denmark. It is worth noting that the ocean basin is the largest basin in the National Aquarium building

National Aquarium - Denmark

• One of the fun experiences that you can do inside the National Aquarium building is to visit the water playground, which allows you to do a number of activities and water games.
• You can also visit other ponds inside the building that contain many marine creatures that live in water or on the surface of the water, such as crocodiles and some types of birds.

National Aquarium - Denmark

Visit dates:

Monday from ten in the morning until nine in the evening.
From Sunday to Tuesday from ten in the morning until five in the evening.

Entry prices:

For adults, DKK 170
For children 95 Danish crowns

Hotels near Denmark’s National Aquarium

Clarion Hotel Copenhagen Airport, one of the best 5-star Copenhagen hotels in the region and less than a kilometer, about 900 meters from the National Aquarium in Denmark.
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AC Hotel by Marriott Bella Sky Copenhagen is a 4-star hotel in Denmark. It is 5 km from the National Aquarium in Denmark.
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The National Aquarium site in Denmark

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