It may be a sight that you will not be able to forget when you see it for the first time, which is the scene of the National Mall with its unique design and high-rise National Mall Washington, as this park is one of the most important tourist places in America.
This shrine is located right in the heart of Washington, making it easy to reach from all regions. It receives more than 24 million visitors annually, and next to the important historical dimension in it, this place extends the open green landscapes that often Used for public events.

Washington National Mall

The best activities in Washington National Mall

• A lengthy tour of the park will give you an idea of ​​the history of ancient and modern America, in an interesting and enjoyable way without needing a guide, and you will also have the opportunity to see a large number of antiques and antiques through this tour.

Washington National Mall

• The sprawling greenery inside the park, which contains a large number of plants and flowers, will provide you with a time of relaxation and calm.

National Mall is one of the most important tourist places in Washington

• Your children will find in this mall their resort where it combines entertainment and learning at the same time. Take your children on a tour inside the Natural History Museum and the Aviation and Space Museum, where children often prefer to go to those places inside the mall.
• If you feel the need to eat the National Mall Washington Park provides you with a number of options, the most important of which is the Pavilion Café Restaurant and Café, which offers a good number of traditional American food items, in addition to hot and cold drinks.

National Mall Washington is one of the most important tourist places in America

Hotels near Washington National Mall

Hyatt Place Washington DC is a 3-star American Washington hotel, a 5-minute walk from National Mall
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The hotel got great reviews in every way.
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Washington Plaza Hotel is one of the best 4-star Washington hotels, located 2 kilometers from Washington National Mall
Summary of Arab visitor ratings
The hotel received great reviews for location, cleanliness, staff, room size.
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Washington National Mall site

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