Zaitunay Bay is located around the marina of Beirut, which you can reach through the coastal park to the north, as it is bounded to the south by the Beirut Corniche, and this place is a living embodiment of a project that represents an urban beach and an important tourist attraction, a tourist attraction in Lebanon

Olive Bay

The Gulf contains a number of main attractions, the most prominent of which is the Yacht Club, which in turn accommodates nine suites that provide most of the amenities that visitors may need.

The best things to do there

• If you are a sea lover you can rent a small yacht and go on a cruise within the exciting waters of the Mediterranean, there you can do a large number of activities, including diving, fishing and swimming

Olive Bay

• Many tourists come to Zaitouna Bay only to enjoy a night stroll between the yachts and the bustling city life. If you are a fan of hiking and running, you are undoubtedly on your way to spending a fun time in Zaitouna Bay.
You can also rent a bike that will make your tour more exciting and enjoyable

Olive Bay

• The Bay of Zaitouna includes more than 17 restaurants and five retail outlets, all of which extend along the Beirut Marina. We recommend that you try something from the famous Lebanese cuisine that is distinguished by its variety and quality.

Olive Bay

• Do not forget to take an appropriate number of memorial photos in the various flanks of the magnificent Zaytuna Bay so that you can keep the memory of your visit to this magical place forever.

Hotels near Beirut Zaitouna Bay

Beverly Hotel Beirut is a 4-star hotel in Lebanon located only 300 meters from the Bay of Zitouna Beirut
Summary of Arab visitor ratings
Great overall rating with many positive comments praising the good handling of the hotel staff and the quality of its location, and other negative comments regarding the Internet service and the small size of the restaurant
Hotel reservation
Intercontinental Phenicia Hotel is one of the best 5-star hotels in Beirut, just 300 meters from the Bay of Zitouna, Beirut
Summary of Arab visitor ratings
Positive comments regarding the hotel’s location, level of service, and other negative comments regarding the footage of the furniture and the discomfort of the bedroom pillows
Hotel reservation

Zaytouna Bay Beirut website

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