In Interlaken, the first city in the world for sports and aviation, in which there are multiple sports between skydiving and paragliding, which is one of the strongest attractions to attract tourism in Interlaken.

By its mountainous nature and its rural valleys, it provides tourists with fanciful panoramic views of the crystal clear mountains, lakes and rivers, green plantations and wild forests.

There, the tourist spends recreational times in the fun-filled Interlaken amusement park in summer and winter, between green plantations and valleys or snow and ice.

The best places of interlaken skydiving

Activities you can do in the Interlaken skydiving area

During your trip to experience skydiving in Interlaken, you can practice many activities in this city rich with attractions, through the following Interlaken tourist schedule:

• When you reach the pre-jumping area, heading to the area from which you are hiking on foot, enjoy the beautiful scenery of the mountainous highlands.

Taking photos while skydiving in Interlaken

High you can enjoy the beautiful scenery close to the Alps back and forth by paragliding or tandem paragliding from Beatenberg to Interlaken.

Skydiving in Interlaken in winter

• You can take many photographs of mountain scenery as you move from the cart to the place of take off, you can also watch your experience through the iPad pilot, video or photos and you can also take the volume at the end of the trip.

Find out about skydiving prices in Interlaken

After this amazing experience and adventure, in this vibrant city full of tourist attractions and Interlaken amusement parks, you can visit the attractions near the Interlaken jumping area, such as Harder Kulm view and the Japanese Interlaken park.

Skydiving prices in Interlaken

The prices for jumping in Interlaken are as follows, according to the time:

It is between 225 USD and 155 USD.


It works daily from eight in the morning until nine in the evening.

Interlaken Area Paragliding Hotels – Interlaken

Hotel du Nord Interlaken is one of Switzerland’s best 5-star hotels, located 140 meters from the skydiving area.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The hotel was rated great by both staff, amenities, amenities and free Wi-Fi.

While others complained about breakfast and lack of items, and also from the hotel entrance.

Hotel reservation

Royal St. George Interlaken is one of the best 4-star Interlaken hotels, and it is 250 meters from the jumping area of ​​Interlaken.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The hotel is rated very well, and has received satisfactory ratings in:

Staff, free Wi-Fi, convenience, and amenities.

Some complained about the furniture, prices and other things.

Hotel reservation

Interlaken skydiving site

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