Bali island is considered one of the most beautiful tourist places in Indonesia and it is one of the hundreds of islands that make up for Indonesia. It is intended by many tourists for the purpose of recreation and enjoying the magic of its green nature with forests and sandy beaches.
Bali island provides a lot of leisure activities that suit families in addition to restaurants that offer delicious food, and Indonesia hotels in Bali are considered one of the best hotels.

The best Bali hotels

Bali Island is a destination for many tourists who live in the best hotels in Indonesia and its beautiful resorts in Bali with a view to recreation.

Bali hotels Indonesia

Best Bali restaurants

Bali attracts many tourists to see its beautiful sights, and with the turnout in Bali, we find it baffling to choose the right restaurant to enjoy dining. We offer you a group that contains the best Arab restaurants in Bali in addition to other distinctive restaurants, namely:

Bali Nights Restaurant

Layali Lebanese Restaurant and Lounge is one of the most famous Arabic restaurants in Bali that serves halal food. The restaurant offers a varied menu of dishes, including grills, appetizers, fish and more.

Arabic restaurants in Bali

Moroccan tent restaurant

The Moroccan tent restaurant is one of the best Arabic restaurants in Bali, where it has a romantic and oriental atmosphere, the restaurant offers a menu and dishes from the distinctive Moroccan cuisine, we advise you to visit the restaurant and get to know Moroccan folklore and delicious Moroccan dishes.

The best Arabic restaurants in Bali

Mykonos Restaurant

Mykonos Mykonos is one of the best Bali restaurants. It is located on Jalan Oberoi Street in the heart of Bali, famous for its delicious dishes and exotic décor.
Mykonos Restaurant offers a wide variety of Greek cuisine that includes many salads, fish, grilled meats and more.

Best restaurants in Bali, Indonesia

Pearl Restaurant

Pearl Restaurant is one of the high-end restaurants in Bali, offering a variety of dishes from French cuisine. The restaurant includes a sunny sitting area adorned with plants and trees, in addition to modern indoor seating.

Restaurants in Bali

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